[Steam] $0: NaissanceE @ Steam Store


Hi, This game is still available for free. Previous posted deal got expired so posting it again so you can take advantage of this if you missed it before.

@ Mod - Feel free to make this post as long running deal

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    Thhink it's permanently free now


      Still probably worth posting

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        The previous deal was already for the announcement of it going free to play.

        How many times does it need to be posted?


          Freebies expire after 90 days unfortunately.

          Note: If an expiry date is not set on a deal post, it will be automatically marked as expired after 45 days (90 days for freebies). It is the poster's responsibility to either set an expiry date, or report the deal to have it marked as 'long expiry' (never auto expire).

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            In general, multimedia content that are always free and available to everyone should be posted in the forums, but if something that was not previously free is offered free temporarily or permanently, it qualifies as a deal.


      It is. It's the first news story on the games page.

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        The first News story for me is

        NaissanceE Free
        9 SEPTEMBER, 2018 - LIMASSE FIVE
        Hi there,
        NaissanceE will be available for free tomorrow the 21 of September 2018 (10AM PST time).

        I assume that means (until the 21 of September) so who knows how long it is free for this time around


          It's been free since 21/9. Last deal was posted on the same date.


            @dealbot: Since that store update was posted 9th September and stated an end of 21 September i'm guessing it has been available since 9th September 2018 but they never expired it on the 21st like originally planned. Odds are it will remain free forever?

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    All I see is that you are going around passages. What do you actually do in this game?


      I liked the game. You explore and uncover a strange world, finding both beautiful, weird, jarring, puzzling and epic things in the process. Its an experience


    Boourns. No steam cards.