Bulk Order of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 or Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Hi all (especially any distributors/retailers). Long story short, I am wanting to do a step challenge for some of my 40~ cousins who honestly have become too sedentary for my liking, especially given our family health history. I'll be footing the bill for all the equipment and prizes (they are in Phils and I know buying even a $25 item would be a cost barrier for almost all of them)… but hopefully the investment will kick off a change in at least SOME of their lifestyles.

I know I can't afford it for all of them, but I am looking to get my hands on 10-20 Mi Band 2 or 3s. The best I've seen is $25ish on Amazon but wondering if I can get any better given the bulk… or if anyone knows anywhere to get them super cheap?


  • Just tell them to use Google fit on their phones… Good enough

  • Reach out to some of the stores and see what they can offer for a bulk order 😉

  • Your best bet is to find a seller somehow on gumtree, ebay, facebook etc all the places you would go to that normally sell this kind of stuff.

    You might get lucky on graysonline or other auction websites mainly old companies selling old office equipment or dead stock etc.

    Otherwise start messaging or ringing the bands sellers and try to broker a deal and explain your position and ask for bulk discount best price etc you know the drill.

    That or maybe try get an aliexpress counterpart and hope for the best. I am sure there is a chinese product that can do what you want for a fraction of the price and maybe even have backups for when they inevitably break etc.

    Hope I was some help to you.