Moving to Karratha from Perth - Which Car?

Hi all,

I'm moving to Karratha soon for work (for one year) and will need to be purchasing a car.

I'm not sure what kind of car to get. I've thought about getting a 4WD but I'm only going to be going up for the year, and there will be other coworkers with 4WDs (and I'm not confident bush bashing).

The other option I've thought of is a Toyota Kluger. I think I'll be doing long day trips on easily accessible roads every few weeks and be using it to go grocery shopping.

I'm looking at spending ~$8-9k with around 150000km on it. Should I be looking at getting something smaller? Are my expectations too much?

Thanks in advance.


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    Landcruiser country mate
    and what ever you buy will have red dust throughout for the rest of its life


    Get a Rav4 dude. Better on fuel for roughly the same situation as a Kluger. Get a high spec one and it'll be plenty comfy.

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    Not a Kluger, too thirsty.

    Some form of Camry/Commodore/Falcon. Has the power to overtake on those 110kph highways you'll be on.
    As you say, you won't need a 4wd if you're not going 4wding