Flybuys No Longer Offering JB Hi-Fi Gift Cards?

I was about to order some JB Hi-Fi gift cards after building up my points and they're no longer there. Does anyone know how long they've been gone and if they'll be back? A couple of people asked on FlyBuys' Facebook page but the posts were too old to view.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi


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    Been gone from at least the middle of October. I was going to trade my points in once they clicked over to the nearest $50 or $100 at the time but by the time it clicked over they where gone and replaced with BFC ones I think. :(

    This is what Flybuys on facebook said about it.
    Flybuys: 'Hi, thanks for reaching out. We removed these cards following a review of our range of rewards and as such, we have removed these card from our site, however there are still over 1000’s rewards to choose from.'


      Interesting info, so sounds like is is gone. Random question, but I'm wondering if you can move the points from flybuys to virgin

      then buy JBHiFi through virgin points (no idea what the conversion is though).


        I thought about doing it that way but at the time I calculated the loss would be way too high.

        870 Velocity Points per 2,000 Flybuys points. (not including any bonuses)

        10,000 flybuys points is $50 which is 4,350 Velocity Points.
        A $100 Jbhifi gift card is 19,500 Velocity points.
        Which is about 4.4x 4,350. So over $200 for a $100 gift card.
        So after seeing that I just wondered do I buy a BBQ from BFC lol.


      @penguincat Thanks for the reply. Wow, what a bad move. JB cards were the only ones I claimed as I loved getting DVD box sets but now there's nothing else I'd want. Kmart no longer have DVD's and Target are crap. At least if they offered Amazon cards that'd be something but BFC? They're completely different.

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    Assuming the conversion rate is similar to flybuys dollars, why not just save $X on your groceries and then spend $X cash at JB?


    Could you use points to buy jb hi fi vouchers from Woolies?


    Can you redeem your points for a Coles gift card and then go in store to Coles and use the card to buy a JB card?


    Thanks for everyone's suggestions! You've been most helpful.

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