Are There Schedules for International Flight Sales? Also Canada Advice Please

Been a while OzB.

I'm looking for as much info as possible on international flight sales before I commit to getting bent over on regular pricing. Booking well in advance is the plan for a convention I'd like to visit in Canada, London specifically if you were curious.

Side note: would I be better off going to an agent first, and like a true OzB, going online and booking with their advice? Any success stories with that, or do agents really truly have access to better rates than us plebs?

I think I want to make a proper go of the trip though (funds depending), and see all the sights I can in Canada. Tell me your stories peeps, and what you'd recommend in the country.

TIA <3


  • Hey! I'm in the current process of booking tickets to go overseas too - and when I approached agents about when a good time to purchase tickets would be (i.e. would there be any sales in the future) and they said that it depends on the dates you're travelling. For example, I'm travelling during the school holidays, hence there aren't going to be any sales. I would recommend asking an agent their advice as to when would be a good time to book cheap tickets - it's worth a try. good luck x

    • Cheers Niki, good luck with your flights too.

    • been down the agent versus online route many times.

      Am now travelling to USA 4 to 5 times a year, sometimes more.

      I try to combine one of these business trips(that I have to pay for) with a holiday.

      Most of the time, I know a long way ahead when I have to go.

      For school holidays I try to book 10 or 11 months ahead.

      The best deal I've found for school holidays(we generally go just before New Years) if flying Fiji Airways over & Qantas back & these tickets are never ever found online for some reason. Tried calling Qantas & Fiji Airways but found only agents can book these fares, which are usually much cheaper than Qantas all the way or Fiji Airways all the way. Another secret is being flexible on dates. Found that difference between one day &day either side can be huge.

  • Search around the world ticket booking using QFF points. You can ask your family members for points transfer…

    Canada is cool (no pun intended).

  • London, Ontario?
    You can fly from Brisbane to Detroit or Toronto for $1200-1300 depending on the dates.
    You don’t need a agent for that.
    They don’t have set sale dates for airfares.
    Plenty of places to research, kayak, google flights Skyscanner

    Not all agents are the same, Some are very experienced, they don’t normally have any better deals than online. They are good if you don’t know how to use a computer or are a novice traveller or someone who’s is wealthy but time poor. Pretty often agents are just 20 year olds working in sales, they know how to upsell and use the booking system and that’s about it.

    • August/Sept $1300 BNE-YYZ not unreasonable. Check every day, some days Air Canada is $1300 via Vancounver, other days it's Qantas via LA.

    • Yeah right, thanks for the advice Stew!

  • Roughly what dates / time of year are you looking at and which Aus city are you flying from ?

    London airport is really only serviced by nearby Toronto which is only a 2.5hr drive so perhaps just look at flight in/out of there and bus transfer or hire car to London.

    You can fly into Toronto via HKG with Cathay who quite often offer. I'd spend a few days in Toronto, easy to pop down to Niagara Falls and Vancouver on the west coast would be worth checking out as well.

    • Hello there!

      Looking at flying in first week of July, and flying out no later than two weeks from date of arrival.

      Flying from either Adelaide or Melb, depending on my work.

      Honestly that sounds like a plan for a hire car, flight is probably more expensive haha.

      Golden advice! Thanks Obi.

  • I've never been to London, Ontario but I flew into Toronto during their 2018 summer. Was a very long flight from Australia via Hong Kong so be ready for some jet-lag.

    I spent 4 nights in Toronto and highly recommend doing a day trip to Niagara Falls. After, I used their train system and travelled east to Ottawa (2 nights is enough) then drove to Montreal (3 nights including a day trip to Quebec). Canada has some amazing green countryside and the people from the smaller towns are so friendly so try and see some of that between the big cities!

    A little bit south-east of that part of Canada is NYC, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC so I'm sure there's also something there no matter what your taste for travel involves!

  • Whats in London?