Long Range Baby Monitor Suggestion Needed

Hi Guys,

Want to see everyone have any suggestion which baby monitor to use for long range, it is about 10 - 15 meter L shape from my bedroom to my baby room.

Have been using the one from Aldi, after we moved it turn our the reception only able to reach the living room(sitting between the baby room and my master bedroom).

Any suggesting to either improve the range or any long range monitor is appreciated.

Not considering using wifi as I would need VOX function to alert when my baby wake up in the middle of the night.

Thank you in advance.



    We have an Oricom with 2 cameras. At the very limit of their range they drop out with wireless interference (next to mobile, ps4 controller etc) but they are fine up to around 50 metres through lots of walls. Did you pull up the antenna on the parent unit?


      Sorry no Antenna to pull on the unit i had.


      Lol. We have the Oricom secure 710. I thought it was a dud for sure at the start, until I realised my 2.4ghz network was interfering with it under some conditions. Like Reddit videos on my mobile will set it off, but not other videos on mobile. And my microwave. The thing settled down a lot after I put everything on 5ghz network. After that I find it really good. Regularly 10-20m with walls with no loss of signal. Temp sensor. Vox. Noise thresholds to activate, lullabies, vibration. Good little unit.

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    I'm going to guess you are a first time parent? IMO, don't bother with baby monitors, they cause more harm than good with parents always checking them

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      in fact it is my second one, i used to use the camera for my first one and now is the second.

      it work well when they try to play on their bed, when they are cry and not sitting up, if we leave him he will go back to sleep.

      Sometime they may be too cold so the monitor can display temperature so we can decide if we need to turn on fans or A/C.

      For me it is a must

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      In my opinion it does exactly the opposite.
      You don't need to check on the child cause you can see what's going on remotely and non-intrusively.


      Solid advice supasaiyan but a little too firm an opinion for some it seems.

      I agree but confess we’ve occasionally used audio monitors. They’re helpful sometimes. In OPs case of 10-15m away I wouldn’t bother as that’s close enough to hear loud cries without a monitor.

      Im not convinced about video because unless baby is really screaming I generally leave them be. So if it’s quiet I don’t need to see them and if it’s loud I’m checking anyway.

      But every parent is different. What I’ve mentioned worked a treat for our 3 kids who all turned into great sleepers and self settlers fairly quickly. Could just be dumb luck though.

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    We used a Foscam PTZ WiFi camera and the TinyCam Monitor App on our phones.
    Anywhere you have your home WiFi, you have a baby monitor.
    You can even go to the extreme and set up the camera with DDNS to access it from outside your home network! I actually did this so I could check on our sleeping child from work.. Really helped me pull through on those sleep deprived days! Reminded me why I was doing it!)

    On holidays, I'd pack a spare router, set up with the same WiFi name and password as our modem. Dead simple to set up, no internet required, plug in the router and the camera and you're all set up.


      But will it send alert on movement?


        Depends on the camera, but yes TinyCam Monitor supports movement alarm if the camera supports it, and has an excellent "squelch" feature that only passes audio once a noise level threshold is reached..

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    I use the xiaofang cameras running RTSP (fanghacks). Pretty much every xioami camera is hackable and they go for less than $30 AUD. Does take some technical know-how. Have 2 running in my 2 kids' rooms. Use phone/laptop to view them/audio only.
    Another cheap way to do it is to have an old android phone or tablet in the room, and use the app 'ip webcam' which turns that old device into a webcam - viewable from a browser or another phone.


    I did combination of Wifi for video monitor and a basic sound monitor (so wasn't reliant on wifi, plus wifi video has slight delay)

    Worked really well for my needs.

    Also FWIW I've yet to meet anyone who bought a movement alarm and used it throughout, so many false alarms means unnecessary stress, then disconnection!


      +1 if anything, you want a lack of movement alarm…
      For all other circumstances, if the kid is distressed, they'll let you know audibly fairly quickly!

      WiFi audio is only a few seconds delayed, not sure why it matters that there's an extra 3 seconds added on to the 30 second walk time to respond to a cry?


        LOL.. yes of course its a lack of movement alarm! Otherwise it'd be a bloody nightmare.

        Wifi audio delay isn't a major issue, and wasn't a reason for me buying a sound monitor in addition. I bought it because Wifi can be flaky (at least in my place) so I wasn't comfortable being solely reliant on it.


    I used ‘baby monitor 3G’ app on an old phone. Works over mobile network too so ok if I’m outside and out of WiFi range. Works very well and pretty cheap.

    Long range is really the only time we used a monitor. They’re not necessary for short range IMO if your in earshot it loud crying. I’m happy not to hear soft crying.

    Has video function but almost useless with old iphone 3G camera but I didn’t really want video anyway. I’ve witnessed other parents constantly watching video monitors and think it’s over the top and no good for parents or baby.

    Seriously considered a fancy monitor for our 3rd baby because we moved from to a much bigger house but concluded it was unnecessary before I worked out what to buy.


    I recommend the Wyze cam.

    Wyze Cam 1080p HD Indoor Wireless Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076H3SRXG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_zU...

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