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NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture Lotion Products Buy 2 & Get 1 Free + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good for the Australian Sun, Get ready for the coming heat wave.
3 for 2 on selected Nivea products. Discount applied at checkout. (terms and conditions apply)

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    Word of warning about the Nivea sunscreens, they have poor customer reviews online mainly because it is very greasy, people still got burnt after application, and it stains clothing.

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      Right. I don’t have any problems using it.

      • How dare you come out and say something positive!

        • Haha love a good meg vote 😂😭

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    I am using SPF50+ and it is a good product that also has a moisturizer, It has 5 starts reviews in many sites: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B077GR6L2D/ref=ppx_yo_d...


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    Something added to the sunscreen, has this real strong perfume scent and burns like crazy if you get it anywhere around your eyes (not even in). I had two screaming kids plus my own eyes on fire the other day slapping this on in the normal way have done every other sunscreen ever.

    • I really wish more products would go perfume-free. Who really needs to smell like roses at the beach anyway? I have real problems having any perfumed based products near my eyes and best to avoid my face entirely which ironically is about the only place I use sunscreen unless I'm out for hours.

    • You're not really supposed to use normal sunscreen on your face. There are specific products for that area.

      • Serious question, why? I use it daily. No problems. I figured the face ones are marketing hype… think those pain tablets that target specific areas that were fined by the ACCC

        • The sunscreens for the face are actually a bit different to the body sunscreens, mostly due to a lighter texture that doesn't feel as sticky, and also to avoid acne problems. I'm sure there's plenty of information out there, but here's the first bit of info I found:

          "It's not just a marketing gimmick: There is a difference between face- and body-specific sunscreens. "Facial skin is generally more sensitive to irritation than body skin, so face formulations have been tested to cause less irritation and not trigger acne," says Dr. Sherber. "If you're acne-prone or sensitive, avoid the body versions for your face, especially the dry-touch sprays—they're absolutely full of alcohol, which is very drying and irritating for facial skin."

          • @kahn: Interesting. I. An understand the acne thing I guess. I’m 36. No problems there. But I guess it’s greasy?! Interesting. Thanks for the info.

          • @kahn: Serious question (because I didn't know about this face fact either) - I use sunscreen on my daughters face when she goes swimming. Through the course of the day she wipes the water from under her eyes and unless I'm there re-applying it every hour or so she always burns from rubbing it off….. Any chance these face specific ones would hold better?

            • @Click_It: I doubt it. The ones that have chemicals that kinda seep into the skin might outlast than the ones that create a physical barrier after rubbing, but not by much. The facial sunscreens are also more expensive than body sunscreens, so not really suitable for the ozbargain crowd :-P

              FYI, there's a comparison of facial sunscreens at this site.

              • @kahn: I'll look into it thanks.

                I don't mind paying more for my daughters skin protection if it's a better solution for her :)

      • The kids daycare uses just normal sunscreen and smothers all the kids faces multiple times a day.. I don't see any issue apart from getting into your eyes, but in this case just near the eyes was enough. There's nothing on the product that says don't use on your face or anything..?

  • And the difference between this (RRP $16.99, $11.33 each if you buy 2 get 1 free) and the Coles $9 SPF50 sunscreen is?

    • Well, in my experience, the Coles sunscreen protects you from the sun better and doesn't wash off as quickly in water…