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Hi, I am travelling to Norway and Denmark in March for 15 days. I just saw China Mobile selling the Europe prepaid sim UNLIMITED DATA at half price. Anybody used their travel sim before? Any good? Or any suggestions? I am in Brisbane.

The link of the China Mobile is as follow:

When you click the above link, then click Europe, you will see 15 days Europe prepaid sim unlimited data for just USD12.5. Please advise. Thank you.



    Never used but do note their restriction:
    -500MB daily high speed data usage, thereafter unlimited restricted speed data usage
    Depending on how much you need


    500MB per day should be enough for me. Hotels/AIRBNB all have WIFI.

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    I will also be going to Europe this year (3 weeks in july) and have been looking into a travel sim card. Plan on going to England, Spain, Italy and Norway. I went to spain and England last year and just bought a cheap one at the airport for around 25 pounds (can't remember the brand) and that came with 10gb but low sms and call allowance. I mainly needed it for gps as I was hiring a car. Looking back at it, it wasn't a very good offer so I have been looking around and the best 2 options I have come across so far are:

    1 - giff gaff -
    you get a free sim card then online you buy which ever package you are after, sim card will be deactivated if no use after 6 months

    2 - Sim corner -
    even simpler except slightly more expensive than giff gaff and the sim cards only work for 30 days then are unusable.

    At this stage I am most likely going with giff gaff as I will most likely be travelling to Europe at least once a year and it will be more ideal to keep the same number, also its cheaper even if I need to keep getting new sim cards.


    Have not used the particular China mobile SIM, it's the first time I've heard about them.

    I usually use Flexiroam, and they have very good roaming data rates, and discounts for buying data early. The SIM was delivered within a week. I've used it in over 15 countries (US/ European/Asian) without any issues, over the last 2 or so years. Customer support is very good too, and you can reach them via WhatsApp.

    The other sim I can recommend is UK 3-mobile SIM which can be purchased from few places in AUS as well.

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