expired New Route: Qantas to Fiji from Sydney Direct from $269 One Way


Qantas has announced a new route: https://www.qantasnewsroom.com.au/media-releases/qantas-says...

Qantas’ Sydney-Nadi (Fiji) schedule effective 31 March 2019
Route Flight Dep Time^ Arr Time^ Frequency Aircraft
SYD-NAN QF 101 1030 1630~ Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun B737
NAN-SYD QF 102 1735~ 2000 Tue, Fri, Sat, Sun B737

sale dates include:

depart between Sun 31 Mar 2019–Mon 1 Jul 2019
depart between Sat 13 Jul 2019–Mon 23 Sep 2019
depart between Sat 5 Oct 2019–Sat 14 Dec 2019

and more

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    Any for Brisbane to Fiji?


      If you follow the link, it also has a sale from Brisbane, but it's not direct like the Sydney one. Similar dates.


      I think Virgin and Fiji Airways only do direct to BNE. And you dont want to get the Fiji airways return flight unless you enjoy getting up before 4am.


    Is there much to do in Fiji? Read reviews regarding cost of food and hotels and can't say that I'm too convinced to go there for a holiday. If only to check the box on visited countries.

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      It is a tourist trap, I don't think it is worth it. And don't forget you will get slugged ~$133AUD Departure tax (on top of any airport tax). That sneaky charge is added on your return flight ticket so not many ppl will notice.


        Most countries charge a departure / tourist tax. Fiji's is expensive, but not as high as UK flights to Australia.


          It is very high, not many countries charge that high. Especially for a not developed country and consider their living cost.


            @samehada: Agree, but I'm not sure those are considered when the tax is set.
            Tourism is one of Fiji's major export earners, so they are tapping in to that sector, perhaps to protect their environment etc.

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              @GG57: well, ripping ppl off also has such a nice name "protect environment". How is the fund used? there is no transparency at all let alone such a high charge. I call that full of ….

              Recently Bali also introduced the $10USD per pax for "cleaning up their environment". Why should I pay to clean up the shit that their local ppl dump? Most of these rubbish are from their inconsiderate locals. One time use plastic bags, polystyrene bag just for their convenience use. And you should see how they dispose of it… just dump it anywhere. This is also the same case for Vietnam.

              You should not shit where you eat, how can they don't know that?


                @samehada: @samehada Google Borocay in Philippines before and after tourism and then tell me that's the fault of locals. You speak of transparency yet make ignorant remarks based on your own personal observations.

                P.S Fiji may not be cheap or as developed as some countries, but it's beautiful. If you're after a family vacation then I highly recommend that over South East Asia. Or if you're into surfing, diving, snorkelling etc.


      Just stay away from the 'popular' resorts. If you can afford to get away to the remote islands, Fiji is absolutely breathtaking. Warm waters, marine life, friendliest people and a unique mix of native Fijian and Indian culture.


    Any way to get the return flight discounted too?

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    Get with the programme all you negative posters.Fiji remains the #1 destination for Aussie families in lieu of that shithole Bali…friendly people and safe as houses.

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