Please Find Me Dyson V7 Cordless for Cheap

Hi All,

please find me a bargain for Dyson v7 Cordless, Harvey Norman got it $449 special. I want to pickup as soon as possible so most likely going to one of major retailers. Any discount or coupon suggestions?


  • Tried searching?

    There's been much better deals than $449. The more in a rush you are, the more you'll pay.

  • Ok no worries I'll find the cheapest one for ya, brb in a sec….

  • do you currently OWN a current Dyson? I was told that if you own an old model, if you call them up and provide them with the serial number, they'll offer you a discount on a new model

  • Thanks Guys
    Was able to.score with 5% discount through the staff.

  • Ring up Dyson online sales and see if they could give you x% off. I gotten 10% off twice, one for a V7 and the other for the hairdryer.


    Dibea C17. Had mine a month now. reviews say its 10% weaker than the dyson for 1/4 of the price. Plenty of youtube videos on it.

    • How's the Dibea going? We're considering getting one instead of the V7…

      • Have had it for a month now.
        Already I had to look up on youtube how to clean the roller, as some (a lot) of hair got stuck around the motor part. About 15 minute job with a philips head and flat screwdriver.
        The LED lights on the head are very convenient. And so are the attachments, its great for cleaning the car.
        You'll be giving these small vacuum cleaners a thorough clean often. Perhaps twice per charge. And a charge is 45 minutes of run time, less at full power. We only use full power.
        Its convenient because we live in a small place. Waifu isn't a fan of it, perhaps because it was her hair that caused the roller malfunction.
        I expect the batteries to last a year, and the unit as a whole to last no longer than 18 months. By then there will be something better available.

        5 out of 7

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