Please Suggest Me Dash Cams below $100

Hello OzB's,

I am after a decent 1080p dash cam which doesn't burn a hole on me for more than $100. I prefer the one which goes discreet without the LCD display which is sort of a distraction for me while driving.

I have shortlisted two of them :
Blueskysea B1W WiFi and Xiaomi 70mai (70minutes).

Would appreciate the Oz brains help me suggest any other decent ones. Cheers


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    I've had the 70mai for over an year and had zero problems. At first I was a bit concerned about the battery instead of having a supercap but it had so far survived two Victorian summers and I park my car out under the direct sun as there is no car port or a garage. The only issue I've had was the annoying Chinese lady but you can disconnect the built in speaker and silence her quite easily. I believe they have since released an international version with English voice prompts.

    • Agree with this. I've had the 70mai for some time and had no issues. My car is garaged however.

    • +1 I've had two chinese 70mai cams in our car for about 6 months now and no issues other than occasionally having to format the SD cards, which you can do through the app. Our car is street parked directly in the sun, but so far so good.

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    b1w is 60 when on sale

    70mai was 35 for chinese vers. - (didn't see any deal lately)

    70mai english version 55 when on sale

    so for 5 more , no brainer go for b1w when on sale

    • What’s the battery life on the b1w?

      • b1w is capacitor , no battery

        for recording during parking requires hardwire or powerbank or your car has 12v cig port always-on

  • Viofo 119, it comes in a range of flavours (original, v2, pro, front and rear, with/without gps etc), each one has different processors and sensors. With the current ebay discounts they can be had for close to or under $100.

  • The Blueskysea B1W wi-fi mini dash cam, positive review by the big man himself @neil.

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    I have the Viofo A119S. Check out the quality at night -

    • Oh shit, that bump was so hard. Viofo made it look even worst.

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