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Free Sample of Babylove Nappies


Came up on Instagram. Thought I’d share.

Seems like you just need to put your address in to request one.

Sent one to my friend who is about to have a baby. I’d definitely would share with recent or soon to be mothers, every bit helps.

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  • "One nappy per sample." Stingy.

    Even if they weren't going to spam my email (which they state they will) I'm not wasting my time and giving my address for a single nappy.

    Sorry, if it was 1/2 or even 1/4 of a box I'd probably plus you. But this is a joke of a promotion.

    • Dude it’s free. Try starting a company where you give away half your product as a sample, let me know how it goes for you.

      • Seems like you're the stingy one

      • '1. Try being a big company trying to gain market share when your promotion is.. one nappy.

        We're not talking about a startup company here, that's different. If you're interested, go watch the Gruen Transfer regarding toilet paper manufacturer advertising, this is the same thing. Each fraction of market share translates to huge money.

        '2. If you don't have kids, then you should know that a single nappy isn't even enough of a fair go to decide if you like them. Eg: Nappy rash can take a few nappies to show (our daughter actually gets a rash from huggies), unexpectedly-soon-poo just after putting it on wastes it, kids pulling them off or going for a swim so you just change it (even though only slightly dirty) because that makes sense, you used it at night when you were groggy and not paying attention, and so on. The promotion will consume company money without gaining market share. It's actually the opposite of what you say - being more generous may** help them and being less generous does nothing

        **Unless, of course, their product is crap or priced badly

    • Don't forget mate. This is Ozbargain where people will blindly hand over their address and phone number for 500 qantas points or a pen. It's quite sad the lack of care people have for their information.

    • One is quite low. I’d like to think 2 minimum.. in case there was an issue with the first attempt

    • r/ChoosingBeggars

    • I tend to agree, like even 5 nappies gives you a decent enough sample size to determine the quality of the nappies but 1 is just a bit pointless.

  • This is more informative than a deal. Most nappy companies have these sample offerings on their website all the time, so that people can try and see if their products will suit them.

    • I did not realise. Not having kids myself, I thought this wasn't the norm.

      Still, it is in the freebies part, and if it gets to a few people who wouldnt know about it.

  • Do they make an adult range?

    Asking for a friend, of course!

  • Data collection

  • Is anyone else having trouble inputting address. Spent ten minutes on it and keep getting error messages

  • Babylove > Huggies

  • Babylove nappies are definitely the nappy of choice in our household. If you haven't tried, I thoroughly recommend them

  • Legend mate.

  • Aldi ones seem good Bought like 9 boxes. $11 a box for around 124 when on clearance. Also the baby wipes from Aldi we use are quite good also. $5 on clearance for 6x80 packs . Bought 25 at the time. Usually good to wait 2-3 weeks after Aldi releases items, always find reduced stock.

    • Interesting. How long ago was this?
      We recently (this week) decided to try both the Aldi nappies and wipes. Both are sub-par vs the Woolies equivalents, and the nappies pale in comparison to Babylove.

    • We use Aldi nappies and wipes too. We started with Coles homebrand, which after comparing to all others — Huggies and Babylove included — we thought held the most… water. Then it didn't put up with the shit anymore, and we switched to Aldi's, and they hold up quite well.

  • How many does the smple contain? 1?

  • No Adult Love?

  • Strange, both browsers i tried just keeps turning the circle over when i fill in the form and click on get your free sample, but doesnt go any further than that.

  • Video comparing Huggies nappy and this babylove nappy pants