Does Anyone Here Recommend Belong NBN?

I'm considering their Starter $55/m 12m contract that lists "30Mbps download" … yet makes no mention anywhere about the upload speeds.
Could anyone confirm if this is the 12/1 or the 25/5 NBN speed category?

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    It's the 50/20 NBN speed category.

    The front number is the theoretical maximum download speed.

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    I found their support dismal and their latency is poor.
    Throughput is good, and I can get 40mbps+ on sustained downloads.
    They also have lots of small outages. My house is 30m from the green box, so I don’t think it is related to copper quality, but I can’t say for sure - it may be due to the nbn not belong.
    The first modem they sent was complete trash. It was cpu choked so it couldn’t run more than one wifi connection at a time.
    I have the replacement (a different model) they sent in a cupboard and use my own device.

    I haven’t bothered to leave them yet, but if I go back to working from home I will.


    Belong are awesome. Good customer support and great prices.


      I have serious doubts of your claims of "Good customer support" as I've been spending days trying to call them through their customer support number and all I got was "To return to the Main Menu press "1" or to end the call just hang up." automated reply.


    Had them for 4 years, had no issues.
    As others pointed out customer service is not the best.

    The Wi-Fi router they send out is sufficient for around four devices,any more and it struggles.


    Used them in Canberra. Terrible speeds, terrible service. This was back in 2017 though, they might have improved since then.

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