expired ALEX Desk - White $149 (Was $249) @ IKEA


Hello Friends, first post please be nice. Just went to Ikea and saw the Alex table at 40% off, happy assembling :)

* Built-in cable management for collecting cables and cords; out of sight but close at hand.
* Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.
* Can be placed in the middle of a room because the back is finished.

Assembled size
Width: 131 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Height: 76 cm
Free height under furniture: 62 cm

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    If this is Ikea's attempt to price match Aldi they're falling a bit short.


      technically this is better then the aldi one - slightly bigger with built in cable management.

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      I've built and used both of these desks - the Aldi and the IKEA one. The Aldi one is cheaper for a reason.

      The cable management design of the IKEA model is well thought out and very useful.

      The Aldi furniture is OK, but general quality is still well behind IKEA (ease of assembly, quality of components, tolerances and so on).

      EDIT: Correction, I've used the IKEA "MICKE" desk, which is similar enough to the "ALEX" that I believe the comparison still stands.


        I've got this ALEX desk and it's really good quality, with smooth sliding drawers, hinged cable management 'lid' and a heck of a lot more depth than that Ikea desk, so you can easily have a monitor and a keyboard on it. Steel legs too, which is always better than timber ones IMHO, as those have a bolt in the top that is a common point of failure once it works loose in the timber.

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        Aldi furniture is horrendous. Feels cheap, doesn't fit together that nicely, and the drawers never slide out smoothly. Bought the tall and low dresser units and bedside tables and shoe cupboard. All I assembled was the bedside table and shoe cupboard and that was enough. Because i left it to too late to return, I sold off the other flat packs unopened and recovered 90% of the costs. Ikea stuff seems to have actually improved a little bit. Managed to get a desk (top only) for $25 on sale (1400 X 800 dimensions) and it was pretty decent quality MDF. They only had 2 in stock so didnt post. Otherwise you can get solid timber furniture from some of the warehouses now for virtually the same price as chipboard/mdf furniture these days.

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      Alex drawers/desks etc are really really solid. I think they would be a much better product overall, especially when it comes to longevity imo.

      The fact that tardisx thinks their Micke desk is much better than the Aldi alex knockoff says even more because imo Alex is much higher quality than micke.


        Agree that the Alex desk is a solid build quality. We have the Micke 2-drawer desk and over time it's developed a sag in the middle of the desk between the drawers where it's not supported well. If you can get the Alex desk for the same $150 as the Micke 2-drawer then you've got yourself a better bargain. The Alex has slightly greater depth as well which makes it easier if you like more desktop space.

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    The only annoying thing about this desk is it's hard to find a monitor arm that would fit this desk.

    Otherwise, nice build and cable management is good.


    Just received an email for that, great one OP


    Sigh, I was hoping the Alex range was on sale.

    I'm after this as a tool chest for inside the house: https://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/products/60354263/

    Thing is, I probably need two. Which is getting too pricey compared to going the whole-hog with a second hand snap-on.


    Just bought one. Checked out the display one first and it looked and felt better than expected. There is also a grey one that imo looks nicer, but unfortunately is not discounted like the white one.


    Just bought one, this desk is very heavy, took me about 2 hours to assemble, but overall I'm quite happy, the build quality is really good and the cable management is awesome.


    Anyone know how this compares to the Malm desk? Or anyone own the Malm before who can share their thoughts on it.