Golden Retriever x Lab - How Much Outdoors Space?

My partner and I are going tomorrow to see if we want to adopt a 1 yr old golden retriever x lab who failed service dog training (but still has had a lot of training).

I like the idea of a relatively well trained dog, and skipping the puppy stage. I'm just a little concerned that we only have a townhouse with a courtyard and a few plants, not a large yard. One of us will usually be home probably 5 out of 7 days a week, and we plan to walk him everyday. Will this be OK or do they really need more space? I don't have any experience with large dogs, including either of those breeds.


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    You probably should have more space than just a courtyard, especially given you don't have any experience with large dogs. Perhaps a cat instead (but keep it indoors?)


    A large dog is going to poo a lot, with a small courtyard you'll need to be picking up poo every day, maybe multiple times a day (parents have a Great Dane and pick up poo once a week on 2 acres of garden). You'll probably also want to budget for walking it twice a day, unless you have a dog park nearby and can make him do a lot of running around in one daily walk. Good that you have someone at home most of the week, means less scope for it getting bored and destroying everything in the courtyard it can reach, and barking.


      All dogs poo the same amount, just different sizes. You should be aiming to walk them 3 times a day regardless of size. Even just around the block for a few mins can be alright if they get longer walks at other times. Twice is okay sometimes but that should be the minimum. It's not that hard though, I usually take mine out a few mins in the morning, longer walk/playing in park after work, and again just before bed. It's not a bad routine


      I would try to walk it at least 4 times per day - so it can poop and pee in nature - less of a chore to clean the bombs then too.
      i would aim to walk before work, at lunch time, after work and then before bed.


    I had a lab x golden retriever briefly in a town house, but was not enough room for him.

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    As long as you give him/her plenty of exercise. it should be alright. I'd suggest walking him/her twice a day for 30-45mins the yard should be ok. If he/she likes playing fetch then that combined with a decent walk should be alright.

    As (s)he gets older, (s)he will become more sleepy as is pretty common with both of those breeds. Mine (pure Golden Retriever) is 5 and her favourite place is the couch but is always up for a long walk.

    Make sure you find a park near you and make puppy friends so (s)he has plenty of exercise running around as well.

    I know people will say that you need a large yard but the reality is that it isn't 100% necessary. HEAPS of people have golden retrievers/labs in apartments in Europe and the US. Especially cities like New York.


      there is a reason why elephants that live in a zoo live a quarter of the lifespan of their wild cousins.

      even working elephants live considerably longer than zoo elephants.

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      I know people will say that you need a large yard but the reality is that it isn't 100% necessary.

      And people survive long stints in jail too. "Not 100% necessary" isn't a good argument.


    2 bedroom apartment should be fine

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    we only have a townhouse with a courtyard and a few plants

    you want a large, active dog and you live in such a small area!!!!???.

    I seriously dislike people who buy dogs and confine them like that.


    Will it be just an outside dog or allowed indoors too?

    If he/she is kept outside only then a small courtyard might not be suitable for an active 1 year old.


      Both indoors and out. It's not a tiny courtyard, and has some plants along the side of the house, but it's not like a big yard.

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    Retrievers don’t necessarily need lots of space but will need regular walking or trips to the dog park etc. Mine spends all his time inside when we’re home, sleeps inside at night. However often spends 8 hours a day outside but pretty much sleeps on his outside bed fhe whole time.


      Yeah would be similar. Lots of walks etc and we live by the beach so plenty of parks and space to run around.


        Perfect. Labs/goldens love the beach, love swimming.

        Good luck OP and make sure you post pictures of your new best friend!!

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    Just picking up on your comment regarding skipping the puppy stage with a well trained dog…

    Labs have a tendency to be chewers for the first couple of years.

    Ours was regularly exercised, well socialised, had companionship and a large backyard, and still managed to chew his way through washing from the line, furniture, dozens of dog toys, an internal wall, the surrounding of our spa, the kennel and any bedding, my husband’s computer cable, his glasses….. and so many large marrow bones our place looked like a dinosaur graveyard. One day, it seemed like it all just stopped.

    I’m not sure if chewing is a Golden trait, but it is something that lab owners seem to agree on.

    Also, you are aware of these dogs shedding, aren’t you? We have constant tumbleweeds of black dog hair, drifting through the house and swirling around the yard, even though we sweep/vacuum daily. We have a large grassed backyard. I can’t imagine the hair from a Golden/Lab cross would be any less, and it’s going to take a lot of work to keep on top of this with a small courtyard.

    Having said all that, I wouldn’t be without mine and a new puppy would be lovely 😊


      Yip, we have a lab…so much fur everywhere…


        Yeah we are trying to maximize the time we are home this year so we can stop him or train him out of anything too destructive.

        Fur I think we will just live with. Might have to upgrade the robo vacuum and brush him a lot!


      Lol Golden owner here, can confirm about shedding 😂

      I was lucky, she didn’t chew anything per say just destroyed a pair of my shoes by running off with them outside and leaving them in the rain.

      Furminator is the solution (trust me!!). I too would never live without mine.

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