NBN Technician Appointment Tomorrow

My house is FTTC according to my research.

Will there need to be any drilling or anything done in doors? Any boxes or anything attached outside the house? Or is it all done on the street?



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    Be home.


      Yes I will be, but the wife won't, so would like to plan where a box, if it is required, could potentially go


    I had HFC. I assume there will still be a NBN box mounted to the outside wall of your house. Likely where the Telstra box is. Others can help more.


    Over phone line. Nbn box outside where phone box is and modem plugs into phone socket like adsl.

    If you are already hooked up they will plug modem in and leave. If you have modem now. Plug in wait 15 minutes and it will probably be working. Waste of time them appointments


    From my experience all that happens is nbn sends you out a nbn connection box and that’s about it. You connect it yourself inside. All it is, is power, phone line cable and a Ethernet cable to your router.


    FTTC uses the phone line, doesn't it?


    Thanks everyone!


    Hi guys, just need some help to understand, I'm getting FTTC so understand it uses the phone line

    My Q is do I get to choose where they put it (new location?) or am I bound to the same current wall socket used for ADSL 2+?

    Do they doan additional install outside too?