Plantation Shutters - Anyone Put Some in Recently?

Hi All,

Anyone had plantation shutters installed recently? Did you go timber ones or the aluminium ones?

I’m in Perth and getting a whole lot done for a new house build.

Anything to look out for when selecting them?




    Had plantations done in our master bedroom last year, and the rest of the house sheers, venetians and roller blinds by these guys:

    Very happy with the result. Apparently they do Webb Brown Neaves display homes. We found them by family recommendation and have since recommended them to others.

    Excellent service and advice during the quote, good quality product, install guy did a good clean job and when something needed adjusting later they came out right away no hassle.

    I was really surprised that they were price competitive with spotlight and vista etc.


    Some take ages to arrive if custom made to size in China. Mine took a few months.


    We had our whole house done, timber, China made. Per above poster takes a couple of months, plus when some arrived they had the centre beam in the incorrect position and had to re-made. This occurred a couple of times so it took around 6 months from order to everything 100%. Also if you are looking at a whole house be prepared to sell a kidney, I think ours came in around $25k all up.


    We've done two places recently. Used absolutely fantastic customer service. They are DIY installation. But super basic and easy to do. Checkout for reviews.