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[VIC] Free Can of Pepsi Max near Corner Princes Walk/Swanston Street near Yarra River


Started not long ago, plenty of cold drinks there free to grab. Perfect for the heat.

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    Perfect for the heat

    Water is perfect for the heat. Caffeinated soft drinks not so much.

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      Thanks Mum

      • Mum and you know, science and stuff.

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    OK I'm hopping on my bike to ride 15km into town to get me a free $2 drink.
    Oh no, it's Pepsi!!

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      $2 drink.

      around 50-60 cents at the supermarket.

      • 1 can is around $2 at the supermarket.

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          68 cents currently at Woolies but often much cheaper.

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    Heat? It's not hot today. Breezy 23 degrees in Melbourne after the rain last night.
    Anyway nice freebie for those passing by.

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      after the rain last night.

      what rain?

  • Wasn't expecting that

  • Pepsi Max is better than Coke No Sugar, it's FREE !