Suggest Me Ways to Cast Amazon Prime on Smart TV

Hello OzB's,

I am not sure if I am posting this to right category however I am wondering the various possibilities to cast Prime Video on my Samsung Smart TV from 2012. Recently, Amazon has been unfair by restricting the Amazon Prime Video TV app only for Samsung TV's from 2013 or later.
Since you all know that Amazon Prime Video Android app does not support Chromecast, I'd to rely completely on the pre-installed TV app. I am on the latest Samsung Firmware though.

I am wondering if anyone here is in same dilemma like me and if there are any better methods to cast Amazon Prime other than using Google Chrome desktop browser to cast the tab. I was also curious if it is possible to install the latest Prime Video TV app from external source like USB?

Your inputs would be appreciated. Cheers, ViV


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    Do you have an xbox?

    • Not a gaming enthu therefore no Xbox with me :(

      • Nothing? X360, PS3 even?

        Looks like it works on those old consoles and gives 5.1 audio

        Otherwise a FireTV

    • Thanks…didn't know it could run on my Xbox.

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    You could source a second hand Apple TV and airplay from the app.

    Alternatively, HDMI from laptop.

  • Run it from a browser on a PC and cast to the chromecast

    Oh just saw you said besides that…..I cancelled my prime for this exact reason that it doesn't support chromecast

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    Hey mate,

    This might not be the advice your looking for but I would recommend getting the Nvidia Shield.

    From my testing between Xbox, Chromecast, Media PC and the televisions built in OS (LG 65" C8 OLED) the Shield was the fastest performer and easiest to use. It will stream 4K and HDR picture to your TV and send Dolby Atmos or DTS:X to your sound system with no issues if you have those technologies. Boot up and navigation is fast and if your technology savy the Shield can be side loaded with browsers, apps outside of googles store, media servers and other solutions to get subscriber or "free" content to your television screen.

    It is the most expensive solution provided from your question and it does sound like your going for a budget solution, but if you are open to spending the $180 or so on the Shield it will be your one stop shop for media to your TV. Make your television the dumb screen and the Shield the brains.

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    Steam Link could cast it (works for

    • Is that an app?

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    I just side loaded the app on my $79 Vodafone tv. Works a treat.

    • That sounds interesting. Do you mind sharing how you made that possible and if it can be implied over to my smart TV?

    • On the website it says $144 outright or available on monthly plan, is it a different Vodafone product you are talking about ?

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        They were $79 a while back.
        That price may have been OzBargained

  • I have watched Amazon Prime on my Apple Tv - probably not worth buying one just for that however as they are $$

  • I just use an amazon fire stick for stan, netflix and prime.

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    That's quite an old TV. I strongly recommend investing in an Apple TV—I haven't used Google's offerings so I cannot recommend those. At $200 an Apple TV is not cheap. Although it may seem like a big outlay but it will make your TV a dream to use for many years to come. The remote control on an Apply TV is brilliant. You can use the microphone or touch pad to navigate the menus. Also the apps on Apple TV are updated frequently and run very quick compared to apps supplied by TV manufacturers.

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