Taronga Zoo - tickets and info

Should I buy the ticket for the ferry (private?) and entry in 1?

Should I start at top? or go from bottom?

Should I pack lunch?



    I suggest you pack lunch. A meat pie there set me back ~$6

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    Dont forget to pat the tigers

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    don't catch the private ferry - definitely a tourist trap.
    the public ferry goes to the same place - and just as quickly (and more frequently!)

    yes pack a lunch - zoo food is pretty average!

    buy tickets once you're there — around sydney you should find brochures that offer 10%-20% off entry - at hotels and in maps etc.
    buy a ticket that allows you to catch the skyrail up to the top of the zoo (i think it's only one way) then wander around the zoo towards the bottom- where you can hop back onto the ferry


    go on sundays with the kids as its $2.50 per adult with children on the trains and ferry. I catch the trains to circular quay and then go onto the ferry.

    the skyrail is fun if you dont have a pram. Its free btw, my sun enjoys it, so if we are on it and he's not asleep then we ride it up and down a few times if they are not busy.


    The food at Taronga is expensive and poor in choice. I don't think there's a healthy option in the place - it's all pies, burgers, chips, and oily Asian noodles slopped into a bain-marie. Meals are approximately $14-$17 (burger + fries + small coke) I'd definitely recommend taking your own food if you have the choice.

    The public ferry is the best option - I really can't see why people would opt to take the tourist ferry (other than being unaware of the cheaper public ferry option).

    I think the starting location depends on what time you arrive. If you're arriving around the time of a seal show, for example, that's closer to the bottom of the zoo so you might as well just start there. You can find the timetable of events at http://www.taronga.org.au/taronga-zoo/daily-talks-encounters... (or on the map they give you when you arrive but if you're planning ahead, this page is useful).

    I've started from both ends when I've been there and I personally prefer the walk from bottom to top because when you get off the ferry on a Sunday, there are ~150 people all jostling to get into the cable cars, and less than a dozen people walk the 45 seconds up the hill to the lower entry gate so it's a faster entry usually.


    So there is a private ferry there? And buying tuckets b4 hand?


    Its also pretty cool to ride the skyrail if you've got kids. You can just do a loop you don't have to get off, at least that was the case when we were there on a quiet weekday. Then you can get a good overview of where everything is.

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