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ASICS Kayano 17 - $140.25 w/ Free Delivery - wiggle.co.uk


Part of wiggle's mid-season sale.
Coupon can be applied to other products that are currently not discounted/discounted less than 15% of original price (and are over £50) so there are probably some other good deals there too.
Great shoes, horrendously over priced in the shops here (250+) so def worth checking out if you're looking to do a bit of running.
Reliable store, i believe many here have bought from them before as have I.
As mentioned delivery to oz is free.
Also its worth signing up to their newsletter to knock a few bucks more off the price with the £5 discount voucher (again, for items >£50) you get for subcribing.
Coupon exp 2300 27/04/11

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  • +11

    wiggle.co.uk is hardly ever the cheapest option, even though they are well-regarded on OzBargain.

    Start Fitness has the Gel Kayano 17 for £83.25 = ~$127.98 (not including credit card/currency conversion fees) shipped to Australia and including a free pair of socks. That's their normal non-sale price, with no coupon needed: http://startfitness.co.uk

    • Just checked Start Fitness website and the Gel Kayano 17 go for £79.90 without shipping, so are you saying that shipping to Aust is only £3.35. If so, that is very cheap!

      • It's £79.90 including VAT. But if you go through checkout and enter Australia as your shipping address, you'll see the 20% VAT removed (£66.58 + £16.67 shipping = £83.25 is the total cost).

    • thanks for the link, got a pair of GT-2150's 2E for $90 delivered

  • hi, can anyone know if this is good for "flat feet" (rolling in)

    • -2

      Go the nimbus if you're flat footed

      • +7


        if you are flat footed you pronate (roll in) quite heavily.

        You will need the pronation support which is the gray bit on the inside bit of the shoe. The kayano is excellent for that.

        The nimbus is a neutral/supination (roll out) shoe which is usually ideal for high arch folk.

        • +3

          my mistake, getting the shoes mixed up

      • I have terribly flat feet and wear out the outside back and inside front . What do you call that and what shoe would suit ?
        My Brooks trance are very comfortable and seem to wear evenly compared to all the other shoes I've had .

        • +1

          kayano is fine, don't go the nimbus!

        • +2

          the brooks trance is ultra supportive for flat feet, the only ones I know that are even more supportive are: brooks beast and brooks addiction.

        • I'm a treadmill runner and have worn Kayanos in the past. I would not recommend them if you plan to run on treadmills predominately as the sole doesn't hold up very well!?

        • +1

          gezz troyww, your feet condition is exactly same as mine.
          thanks for the reply guys, i will get the kayano series…
          @ wazza23, you are really expert in shoes stuffs!

          edit: found this page, probly they are better than kayano (for flat feet)

        • Which shoes suit best for wide & short feet?

        • recommend trying 2150s.
          they aren't as cushiony as kayanos but they are apparently good for flat feet and people that roll in. my uncle had these problems and swears by them.

          also, because you can get them for as low as $74 you could go through 2 pairs over the same period of time as one pair of kayanos… for the same cost.

    • For those who are lazy running around browser searching… here's a pretty cool link from ASICS on whioh shoes are best for feet types:


      But IMHO, just head to one of the shoe shops and try them on yourself. What's comfy for one may not be as comfy for the other.

  • Go to asics websir to find out there range of shoes and fit…

    Does starkfitness offer free shipping?

    • +1

      Start Fitness doesn't offer free shipping, but it's cheaper than wiggle.co.uk here overall. (I included the shipping cost in the price above — £66.58 + £16.67 shipping = £83.25.)

      • £66.58? When I had a look it had them for £79.90.

        Am I missing something?


        • They come down to £66.58 once you go to checkout. I believe it's because they remove the VAT since you are getting delivery to Australia

        • Yup, 20% VAT is removed from the price once you go through checkout and enter Australia as your shipping address. No need to pay VAT for orders shipped outside of the UK/EU.

  • I think it these come to a bit cheaper than in the title. I bought them a few weeks ago with the'REWARD15' coupon code. Brings the shoes to 85 pounds, which was about $132AUD for me.

    • I guess it depends on whether you want to pay for your order in AUD or GBP, and how much you pay for foreign transactions with your credit card (or PayPal). If you want to pay in AUD, Wiggle charges $140.25.

  • Cheers, thanks for that. Been on the lookout for some!

  • Anyone got any coupon codes for Start Fitness?

  • +1

    www.eastbay.com is also very competitive price market for shoes, only problem is they don't ship Asic brand shoes outside of America, however I just recently bought the Brooks Trance 9 for $99 less 20% with a discount code (I think there is a 15% off discount code somewhere around)

    So if you are looking at the Brooks Trance shoe, check out eastbay.


    EDIT: currently selling for $89 + postage… This is all in American Dollars, so converted to Australian it is a bit cheaper.

    • +4

      Yeah, eastbay.com/footlocker.com and startfitness.co.uk are generally my go-to sites for buying athletic shoes (I've actually never bought from wiggle.co.uk, simply because I always find them more expensive).

      If you're after the Brooks Trance 9, it might be cheaper to buy through footlocker.com (which is operated by Eastbay) at the moment using their $30 off $100 coupon — CPSPV455.

      • Actually if you just get the Trance 9's they come to less than $100 so the code doesn't work.

        However, if you use this code: LKS1V433 it will give you a discount of $15.

        The shoes then come to $97 AUD delivered!

        The code is valid till 1.5.11

        P.s. there are three colours to choose from too.

        I just tried some Trance 10's on in a store and loved the fit. I have somewhat wide feet though, so does anyone know whether the Trance 9's also have the reasonably wide fit of the 10's?

        • Actually if you just get the Trance 9's they come to less than $100 so the code doesn't work.

          However, if you use this code: LKS1V433 it will give you a discount of $15.

          Possibly still a better deal to add something cheap (socks?) to your cart to get your order total up to $100 and use the $30 off $100 coupon, though! $89.99 + something costing roughly $10 dollars + $30 shipping - $30 coupon = US$100.00 = ~$93.11 AUD. :)

        • Hi Jump22

          I love your idea of bumping the sale up to $100 and then applying the larger discount code.

          However, I just tried it and the problem is that when the order hits $100 or more the shipping jumps from $30 to $50!

    • Brooks Trance 9 any good?
      How much for shipping to OZ & is it capped?

      • +1

        Fantastic for me!! Very light and perfect for just an all round shoe. I have found them quite supportive.

        Shipping for one pair cost $32, however if you bought two pairs it was only $37.. So my brother bought a pair. Not sure if you buy a certain amount it becomes capped or not… When I got 20% off when I originally bought them mine came to $96 shipped to Australia… It certainly beat getting them from Amart or Rebel sport, which had them for $260… I even went to the DFO and saw that they had them on special for $249… Ummm, no thanks!!

        So yeah, I found them very good!

        • Oh and Also, I ordered them on a Monday evening, and got them 4days later Friday Morning!

          Pretty good!

        • If Eastbay and Footlocker are owned by the same company - can we assume deliveries are handled in a similar fashion (in terms of speed)?

          Ordered Monday and received Friday is incredible!

        • arthurbach4: Yes, both Eastbay and Footlocker ship by UPS so shipping is basically as quick as is humanly possible. 3-4 days to Sydney is generally what it takes for me — which is even quicker than some Australian online retailers, who tend to be slow to ship things out. :)

        • thanks for your info!

  • Sorry off topic questions.
    Wonder why 2 UK sites above didn't have in wider sizes @Kayano? (ie. size 2E)
    Which styles/brands as good as this Kayano 17 available in size Width - 2E - Wide?
    Or can someone recommend a good comfort shoes for walking/running?

    • +4

      Try Amazon, Just bought a pair of Asics gt2150 for $74 delivered (took 10 days)to Melbourne http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002EQAOA4 , very good shoe for running.

      • i bought my black 2150s off wiggle, $82 delivered with a code.

        however i need a new pair as i run a lot.

        didn't think of amazon.. or startfitness(mentioned earlier) so thanks!

      • heya cuek..

        i I've tried buying asics from amazon a couple of times.

        It always says it won't ship to me because i'm in australia?

        am i missing something?

        maybe I can select a different store somehow?

        • No problem at all with me, although this the first time i bought shoes of amazon. I know some items(eg PS3, Ipod etc) can't be delivered to Australia, but if you want to buy this particular shoes just follow my link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002EQAOA4 , you should be able to get it delivered to Australia.

        • Hi Stitchy.

          yes, it's all a little wierd. For example if you try and buy the Asics 2150's here:


          It works.

          However, if you go to this link:


          It says that it can't ship to the default (Australian) address.

          It's strange because it appears as though Amazon is merely the intermediary between the seller (same seller in both links) and the customer.

        • I have tried cuek's link and Stitchy's and I get the same "can't ship to this address" message. Can anyone confirm they have successfully used these links to buy the GT2150's today or in the last few days? Great price and I really want them, but can't get it to work at Amazon. Is there another store I can get the Asics GT2150 for around $70 AUD delivered?

        • billy, maybe try again as the link work for me http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002EQAOA4
          but price defend on size/colour too.

        • cuek's link seems to work fine for me too — it allows me to proceed with the order when I click "ship to this address".

      • Thanks cuek! Just ordered a pair from your link.

        • You welcome….

    • it seems amazon might have 2E sizes

      • I followed Cuek's link and it seems as though they might even have wider sizes again (up to 4E)

        Also with the exchange rate the Asics come down to $69 AUD delivered!

        • Tried Asics Kayano and G2150 at Amazon, says will not ship to my Australian address :( Anyone had success in the last few days?

        • Try cuek's link above, seem work fine.
          Got to final step and make the payment & order number.
          Is it safe to assume they will ship my order or Amazon ever cancel order?

        • Tried again after deleting my internet cookies etc, but still no luck. I even opened 2 new accounts with different email addresses and different shipping addreses (parents + inlaws) and still no luck. Look's like Amazon just doesn't like me. Very disappointed as I was really keen on these GT2150's at $74AUD delivered.

        • That's odd mate. It works for me as well. Which size and colour are you ordering? Which method of payment?

          Make sure it's this link and item is shipped from Amazon, not a third-party seller:

          Maybe one of us can order it for you if you send PayPal payment.

        • Hi Camelgrass,
          Trying to order the white/brass/black in size 10.5 D(M). I don't even get to the payment page because as soon as I login, it says they don't deliver to my address. I am definitly ordering from Amazon, not third party, don't know why it's not working, I might try from a different PC (friends place or work). Thanks for the offer to buy on my behalf, that is very kind, I might take it up if I still have no luck.

        • Hi Billy_bob.

          Yes, there is definitely something funny going on with your computer!

          I just ordered a pair using the link which everyone is recommending to you and it went through fine. I even checked to see if the combination of colour and size you mentioned would go through on my computer - and it did.

          Good luck with your continuing search!

        • billy, wondering which browser are you using?
          you could try other browsers or download CCleaner to clean all the caches

        • Getting the same problem as billy_bob

          Can you only select the colour/size combinations which say "Ships from and sold by Amazon.com".

        • Hi all, I find out the problem was the size and colour I was trying to order was only available form 3rd party seller who don't ship to Oz, I changed colour and size and order went through OK through Amazon direct. I got size 11 2E in the white/bronze/black. Persistence pays off sometimes….thanks to all who helped :)

  • I have never been able to buy shoes overseas. I have a wide foot — 2E in width, and none of these online shops seems to sell shoes where you can also choose width in their sizing. These deals are good — crazy you can buy shoes cheaper overseas including shipping than to walk into a shop here.

  • How to subscribe for newsletter in order to get that £5 discount voucher?
    Just registered, didn't see anything intuitive for the newsletter.
    Happy Easter!!

  • Oh yay, I have two pairs of these. One blue and one red. I use 1 for gym the other for jogging. They're awsome runners. XD

    • +1

      Man I love OzBargain!

      I just bought some Asics 2150's following cuek's link above and some Brooks Trance 9's following Jump22's suggestion.

      The 2011 versions of both runners (2160 & Trance 10) cost $470 all up, pretty much anywhere in Southland.

      My two pairs came to $170 delivered (in fact the Trance 9's are due this Friday).

      The fact that I wasn't even really looking for runners is not the point…

        • LOL

          The fact that I wasn't even really looking for runners is not the point…


          arthurbach4 on 24/04/2011 - 12:56
          I am in the market for some men's Asics GT 2160 2E runners.

      • Well played sirs!

        The truth is about a week ago I discovered wiggle.co.uk and went crazy - spending a few hundred dollars on clothes and a pair of Asics Nimbus.

        Subsequently I discovered that the Nimbus is the incorrect shoe for my pronating feet.

        As I am only a casual runner I was going to wear them anyway, but then I discovered this thread and one thing lead to another …

        The point is I am only going to accept being half sprung - HALF sprung!!

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