Alternatives to OzGameShop + Question about Third-Party Amazon Sellers

Now that Ozgameshop aren't allowing you to use $10 vouchers if you spend $60 or $15 vouchers if you spend $75, they're no longer competitive so I've decided to find a new place to buy most of my games. I'll be using Amazon for some purchases but there are still many titles that they don't seem to have.

Does anyone know of a good online game store that specifically sells UK or US Switch games? Shipping times aren't a concern for me but free shipping over a certain amount would be nice.

Also, about Amazon third-party sellers. It looks like the Australian Amazon site doesn't ship games from Amazon UK so all the UK versions are sold by third-party sellers. Has anyone ever bought any games from BuyGlobal, RarewavesUK or RarewavesUS and if so, were they new and factory sealed? Are these actual companies or individuals selling on Amazon? I'm still new to Amazon so it's a bit confusing.

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  • Switch games don't come sealed

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      Yeah they do. From the UK distributor they are all sealed.

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        Yep. Nintendo Australia don't seal them, but Nintendo EU do.

        OP, Amazon marketplace give you some assurance. If the product is described as new and sealed, but isn't, then raise a claim.

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        Oh ok good to know. Is that why you want to buy UK copies?

        • Yes. Unsealed games often have scuffed, tatty cases and more than once after I've bought them, I've found they're not new but have been played before. There have also been times when discs or cartridges are missing or are not even the correct games.

  • QuantumCat, most Australian copies don't. That's why I don't buy them. I've seen a couple at JB that are sealed. I think someone mentioned once that some second-run copies of certain games do (not sure if they meant Switch or 3DS) but I don't know for sure.

    Thank you Morien. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Like I said, I'm new to Amazon so I'm still learning how it works.

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      JB probably seals them with their own machine. If you want to reply to someone, click "reply" and it keeps threads better organised and easy to follow.

      • I tried that before but for some reason, my post didn't appear under the one I was replying to. I may have had Javascript disabled.

        I know JB seal games themselves sometimes but I've seen a couple of factory sealed games there and I know for sure that launch copies of Bomberman came factory sealed. I just don't know why Nintendo Australia is the only ones not sealing their games.

  • Give the gamesmen a call.

    • They only sell Australian versions though don't they?

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