Help? Have any Telstra users notice differences/errors with Telstra MyAccount

Sometime in the last 10 days, the look of my Telstra dashboard changed….it changed to what they call the 'new look'.

So now when I log into my Telstra account, I can see that I have 2 services - post paid and a prepaid services in MyAccount dashboard.

Now when I click on My offers, I get this error message that tells me that I don't have any services connected to my Telstra ID.

Anyone else having issues? I've been on Telstra online chat and they fricking wasted my time for 2 hours passing me from department to department then finally admitted that 'the digital team will have to get back to me about MyAccount interphase'. Their words….not mine.

It seriously can't just be me????

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  • I noticed the same. If I go to "offers" I get the error saying I don't have any services. When I login to my account I can see my postpaid mobile service.

  • You're lucky to spend only 2 hours… I spent nearly 3 hours on Telstra live chat last week to sort out a couple issues to do with Telstra MyAccount.

    Somehow a mobile number in somebody else's name appeared in my contact information. It was a serious security issue because Telstra verification codes are sent to that number.

    • omg that is terrible!! Are you also paying their bill?
      How about when you click on 'My Offers', what do you see?

      • My Offers is working.

        It could be the fact I have a fresh account since last week. My previous account had an old username that I didn't want to use anymore so they created a new account for me and transferred my numbers across.