expired $36/year 5GB SSD Unlimited Sydney Web Hosting @ Down Under Host


We are back with an awesome unlimited plan with a generous 5GB of pure SSD space, although we only have enough stock for 20 orders. (Don't worry, a new node is on its way)

—— Entry Level Offer ——
5GB SSD Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited FTP Account
Unlimited Email Account
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Sub Domain
30 MB/sec I/O Limit
Order: https://portal.downunderhost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=29
Coupon: UNLIMITED | RESTRICTED to 20 orders only*
$36/Year AUD Inc GST

We have a STRICT no abuse policy, users that try spam on our servers will automatically be suspended and removed from our services without refund. This is to ensure our customers receive a high level of service.

—— Who are we? ——
Down Under Host is a business specializing solely on Australian Hosting solutions. We have designed our website and billing portal to be simple, elegant and look awesome. Currently, we sell domain names and shared hosting in Sydney Australia. We are currently in the process of deploying a new node which will allow for more services such as reseller hosting and WordPress Hosting.

—— Sydney Shared Hosting ——
Our Sydney shared hosting infrastructure utilizes OVH's brand new Sydney DC. Our CPanel currently has the following features;
• Daily Backups - Configured with JetBackup
• 400+ One Clickable Apps - Softaculous
• LetsEncrypt 1 Click Auto SSL
• Imunify360
• LiteSpeed Web Server
• Test IP:

—— Important Link ——
Website: https://downunderhost.com/
TOS: https://downunderhost.com/tos
Test IP:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
- Down Under Host Team

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    2 questions, please:
    1) how many account per server?
    2) how many inodes per acc?

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      Hey xtanda,

      To answer you questions in order

      1) We can't give you an exact estimate of accounts per server as its based on hardware performance and SSD space available. Although we use CloudLinux to ensure all accounts receive the performance their website needs and don't oversell our SSD space :)

      2) All Accounts receive 300000 inodes with an I/O of 30MB/s



        Thanks. Signed up. Hopefully as expected. Next: affiliate program… :-)


        I have one more question.

        How long do you plan to run before realising you have to oversell to make money?

        It seems like you have had 3 very discounted sales since you started and well… You are surely running at a loss at the moment?

        If you're covering the cost of a dedicated server in Australia and a cloudlinux licence and multiple salaries. Not to mention, offering unlimited bandwidth - if you're actually on an unlimited bw service it's like an extra 160/month for unmetered 100mbit.


          Hi brendantay,

          Obviously, we cannot go to in depth in how we operate as a business. But the plans we have advertised are very limited and do not offer a lot of disk space and are perfect for small business Australian websites. So we can afford to run a few promos here and there.

          Moving forward with a local Australian company (discussed below) for our next node prices will be slightly increased to cover operational costs but we believe the service price/performance aspect will be even stronger. You can find our updated pricing here: https://portal.downunderhost.com/cart.php?gid=3


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    Well there you have it,.. another Down Under Host deal, and another sign up from me.
    this will be my 3rd service,…
    might have a problem…


    Any comments on service standards, especially when something goes wrong? I've been with Zuver for years, but they've recently jacked up their prices on entry level hosting, so it might be time for a switch.
    Also, am I correct in thinking this renews at $25/month?


      Hi newdad,

      We have recently published our status page which gives users live information on whether a service is up or down https://status.downunderhost.com/

      We are currently a team of 2 and ticket time is roughly 1-4 hours depending on the time of day. With our services growing, of course, ticket times will be a lot shorter

      Our current shared hosting platform is located at OVH Australia which offers a 99.95% guaranteed uptime with all their dedicated servers. Our next node will be deployed at Intergrid (https://Intergrid.com.au) which should hopefully strengthen our service even more with their 100% SLA.

      The current plan is recurring for the life of the service.

      Hope this sheds a bit of light



    Any comments from current customers on how good this would be for running a VPN? I'm not familiar with cloud services for VPN but I'm thinking of setting one up as a weekend project


      Hey bpop99,

      Our shared hosting platform is intended for users that wish you run their own website. Therefore a VPN will not work on our platform.

      If you are looking for a VPN, I highly recommend purchasing a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and using the following VPN configuration script (https://github.com/Nyr/openvpn-install)

      Hope this helps,


    Hi DUH,

    For the uninitiated… if one wanted to create a relatively simple but responsive online portfolio, is there a suitable App included in Softaculous, or better to use WordPress on your servers?

    I assume when you mention the following, you mean a service that constantly uploads and downloads files for storage e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

    Prohibited Material and Activities
    The following material and activities is prohibited on all Down Under Host services:

    • Image or File hosting


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      Hi Master Bates,

      Softaculous offers a wide range of installable apps to choose from you can see the full list here: https://www.softaculous.com/software/

      Personally, WordPress works great and has lots of different options available. Try: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress if you are looking for a good WordPress framework.

      Alternatively, we can install and activate WordPress for you for an additional fee.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.



    You might want to get your help and faq pages loaded, not much there for newbies eg my son who bought a service (12 year old). Check out Zuver and their parent Ventra to see what some providers have , lots of help stuff to get people up and running.

    We bought a domain and some cheapy hosting so he do his own website … we'll see how it all goes.


      Hi garage sale,

      Completely understand where you are coming from. We are in the process of creating our KB and hopefully be live by the end of the week.


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    Great to see more deals from Down Under Hosting and the progress of the company.


    Fantastic. Had my eye on the last few deals and just pulled the trigger (this one suits me more).

    Great questions from the community and answers from the host. Thanks!


    Damn.. Just missed out. Sounded like an excellent deal!


    Thank you once again OzBargain!

    Unfortunately, we have hit our limit for this promo.

    Although we have lots of new services coming up!

    Make sure you follow our twitter for our changelog: https://twitter.com/downunderhost

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