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Apple iPhone XS Max 512GB $1879.20 + Postage @ My-Phonez eBay


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  • +13

    That is still crazy money for a phone

    • -6

      Worse still for an iPhone!

      • +4

        So edgy. Some people find value in iPhones over other devices, so what.

        • +7

          They last longer and have a higher resale value

          • +11

            @Griffindinho: Not just that but quality, privacy, environmental considerations, platform, ecosystem, iMessages, AirPlay/AirPods and status symbol are only a few USPs iPhones have. These factors add 'value' to the device for people beyond just bottom dollar cost.

            1. Many people prefer the iOS ecosystem and software. Even though it might be simpler and locked down but it works very well and provides most people all they need. A reliable solid platform with great support and apps for anything you need.
            2. Depends on your social circles but for many iMessage & Facetime support is very important to stay connected. Whatsapp does exist for the rest but not the same when everyone else is using iPhones.
            3. Quality of the devices is another key point, while some others are similar, iPhones are beautifully made, great to hold and use and people enjoy the premium feel.
            4. Software updates are far more consistent and supported on iOS than other platforms. It's available for older phones up to 5 years and all iPhones get the updates at the same time, not having to wait for third party carriers or manufacturers to update their device, if they ever do.
            5. Security is apparently much better on the iOS platform than others.
            6. Flawless integration with accessories. Whether it's great things like AirPods or third party speakers or other devices, AppleTV, AirPlay, whatever, it all just works really well on a unified system and there's a huge plethora of support accessories. You see a Made for iPhone logo on the box and you know it'll work great. iPhones also integrate really well with other Apple devices like iPads and Macs. If you're in the wider ecosystem then features such as handoff are seamless.
            7. Integration of hardware and software works beautifully, great specs, screen, camera and the usability of the software. There are certainly other devices that are close to this but rarely can they put everything into one impressive package.
            8. Status symbol - As shallow as it might be, cannot deny there's certainly a status attributed to iPhones than other devices.
            9. High resale value is a real consideration. While you're spending more on the outset, you also get back a lot more when you sell. So a $2000 device isn't $2000 spent, you'll get $1600 minimum back after a year whereas any other device would be lucky to get half it's value after a year due to oversupply and quicker hardware updates.
            10. Finally, support. This is a huge one. You know if anything does go wrong (all electronic devices break down) then Apple's support is second to none. Whether in warranty, with AppleCare or out of warranty, there are options for you to walk into a store or post it to them and get back up and running as quickly as possible. They also provide workshops and other facilities to make the most of it.

            Ultimately, it's a personal choice. People pay large amounts for designer clothing just because it has a logo on it. Or expensive cars or jewellery or speaker systems etc. It's a preference. I have no problem paying $2000 for a device that's constantly in use in my hand all day every day, it's worth it for me. And clearly hundreds of millions of others.

            It's also not the device of choice for many others and that's perfectly fine too. But there's no reason to post-spoil with pointless opinions unless they can find a better deal.

            • @Hybroid:

              I have no problem paying $2000 for a device

              Surely there is a price point at which you can’t justify the device.

              For some people when the iPhone hit the $2k mark it became too expensive for what it is. Many of the new features aren’t useful imo and improvements which I want to see never eventuate, namely a battery which can last more than a day after a year or so of use.

            • +6

              @Hybroid: You know none of that is true, right? All the leaks have been from iCloud, if you're selling your phone for "resale value" you can't afford an iphone in the first place, the ecosystem and iOS are second-rate and now surpassed, there is no status to be had by owning an iPhone - They are common. That's like saying owning a Hyundai is a status symbol.

              Despite your salt, the entire world has agreed that iPhones are overpriced and behind the times. Mate, I only made the switch a couple of gens ago (as most of the world has).

              iPhones were groundbraking and did change the landscape for phones, but that was over a decade ago… now they're permanently behind.

              FYI, Android does all that you mentioned and more flawlessly.

              You made a point that it's a personal choice, and it is… much like my choice is personal but the fact remains that it is poor value. I drive a high end car but it's faster, more luxurious, handles better and so on. I wouldn't spend $150K+ on a car that was outperformed by a $50K car… that's what this is.

              • +1

                @imurgod: Nice retort. I dont join in on the debate, but do enjoy some comments. Ive had both, prefer a true bargain. $479 for the V30 in my hands is a nice bit of kit.

            • +1

              @Hybroid: I hope phones reach 3000$, it's on people like you to blame that apple has money 5o buy whole countries.

              You literally pay for nothing.

            • +1

              @Hybroid: Don’t I get all of those superior features with my 6S plus? Cost me $380 last month.

            • +1

              @Hybroid: Another great function is how apple slows down your $2000 phone on purpose through each iOS firmware update so you feel like you need to buy a new one

            • +1

              @Hybroid: Item no 6 is a complete BS! Also don't agree with some of the other points too.

            • +1

              @Hybroid: Still overpriced despite all that worship

            • +1

              @Hybroid: Beautifully said.

          • +1

            @Griffindinho: Pixel series has long life too. My original pixel is still great, and runs latest OS.

            But a new Pixel 3 XL costs $1500 with 128GB. So comparable to this deal, but better than Apples retail price.

        • +6

          You might want to look up the definition of "value".

          Paying $2k for behind-the-times tech is not value.

          • +1

            @imurgod: Value is subjective and not limited to dollar cost only. Each person has their own opinion of what constitutes value to them.

            • @Hybroid: I did not neg you, but value is definitely not defined by paying more for less… that's the opposite.

          • +2

            @imurgod: I sold a cracked screen iPad Air 2 32GB for $150

            I sold my iPhone 5s for $350 2 years ago (also cracked screen)

            People sell their phone cos they tend to upgrade to a new one, not cos they can’t afford it

            • @Danstar: That's good if it helps you but the fact remains that you had to make do with a sub-standard phone only to sell it to someone to "upgrade" to another sub-standard phone.

              Why not get a decent phone and not need to sell it? One of my staff has a Galaxy S7 that still outperforms most iPhones and can do more than all of them!

              What I'm saying is that if you need to sell it, you can't afford it.

              I tend to give my old phones away or donate them after 2 years and upgrade because I can afford to.

              I use high end Android phones because they're far better for business use and can simply do far more.

              • -1

                @imurgod: I lost it on eBay in 2 minutes. I print the postage label while at work and drop it in the outgoing mail tray at work…

                So I’m theory I’m getting paid to sell my old unused item.

                And if anything is sub-standard it’s the android OS

                I’m sorry I’m not as rich as you to “donate” my phone
                But hey, I guess you have to donate an android phone cos no one really wants a second hand lemon

                Oh and Apple don’t have a low end ;)

                • +1

                  @Danstar: Uh huh, sure you did. It's a myth since everyone knows Apple's updates gimp old iPhones… remember that admission?

                  All Apple are low end.. All of them. Just look at the screen for example or the junk last-gen waterproofing. Man, you're a proper sheep, huh?

                  Android is the most used OS in the world. It's far superior in every way. You're pretending it's 2009 when iOS was the king and Android was clunky. Those days are gone but you missed it because your mouth was full of Apple!

                  Since Jobs died, Apple has fallen well behind.

                  I'll never tire of how easily triggered iPhone people are. It's hilarious.

                  It stems from the fact that they are subconsciously aware that they pay extortionate prices for phones and accessories that they know are inferior and don't know how to justify it and sound credible!

                  • @imurgod: Most used cos it’s the most accessible

                    And secondly, dude relax. It’s just a phone.

                    • +3

                      @Danstar: Either way, it's the most popular.

                      I'm relaxed, it's you that blew up!

                      I couldn't care less about my phone. I get the latest every gen anyway. It's just a business expense for me. I don't pretend it's a status symbol.

                      Phones don't get you laid.

                      • -1

                        @imurgod: You weren’t that relaxed mate.

                        Ps. Excuse my spelling mistakes. My “Apple” phone is too dumb to auto-correct

  • +1

    What? + postage?

  • +3

    Wow! Great price! So expensive!

  • Will wait until the front number get rid off .lol

  • If you’re able to sell the 512GB under RRP before discount why can’t you offer the same for the 64GB (+$270 over RRP) or the 256GB (+$150)?

    • +2

      I think they adjust their sales due to demand from highest storage capacity model is too low, because it is way too expensive to most

  • +2

    I have this phone . No complaints .

  • +3

    Are these stolen? Since when can anyone afford to sell flagship iPhones for $500 under RRP???

    • +2

      You're telling me this is actually over $2k…

    • +11

      These aren't stolen, they are new, but sourced by being decoupled from a phone plan.

      The seller is selling the plan the phone comes with to another customer, then reselling the phone component via eBay.

      I bought an iPhone 7 from this seller before.
      Working fine for a year till vodafone decided to put an IMEI block out.

      Generally speaking they did their best to replace it with a good condition iPhone 7.

      The risk you take is - if the phone number (SIM) that this phone came with on a plan gets reported stolen, there may be a chance the carrier will block the phone as well. Which seems to have happened to me.

      Though to me I think buying from David Jones via discounted e-gift (or ultimate gc for her cards) would result in a lower discount but a guarantee it is a genuine brand new iPhone with no hidden strings attached.

      • you can prove that it is not stolen and they are in a much more worrying state than you

      • +2

        Yeah thanks for letting us know. Will avoid then!

      • +1

        Can the Rep add some information about this?

      • Wow that’s dodgy as hell. Thanks for letting us know.

        • +1

          How is it dodgy as hell?
          I just confirmed they are genuine, new stock from telco carriers.

          I also said their customer service was okay in replacing the blocked iphone 7, mine unfortunately experienced the imei block during the Christmas shutdown period. It's a small shop in Yagoona.

          I also disclosed the risk this source of stock takes.
          Whether that saving is worth it to you, is up to you. Could be a week downtime if you are unlucky the original plan owner happens to block the phone as well.

          Going forward, the rep really should ensure if the owner of the phone plan component loses their SIM card they should be aware there is a phone attached to their phone plan.
          This way everyone is happy, no IMEI blocks, discounted iphones all around, and the business model will succeed.

          • -1

            @cwongtech: Yeah it’s pretty dodgy hey. An eBay store charging full (or more than full in many cases) RRP for a phone that’s technically registered as belonging to someone else and has the potential to be blocked at any time? And they do not disclose this anywhere! Why should it be up to one of their customers to disclose this sort of thing?

            • @miq:

              Why should it be up to one of their customers to disclose this sort of thing?

              Well I guess I was the unlucky muppet to be that customer

              An eBay store charging full (or more than full in many cases) RRP for a phone that’s technically registered as belonging to someone else and has the potential to be blocked at any time

              Not supposed to happen.
              Registered on vodafone's system in my case.
              I guess if vodafone has a way to detach the physical phone's IMEI from the phone plan this would solve everything..

              Anyway, the guy at the store who I dealt with wasn't hostile.
              I am one of the more understanding customers given I've worked retail, but could see how this would spell disaster for a less forgiving customer.

      • +1

        Ozbargain do not condone dodgy practices.

        • It's not dodgy per se, some people do this with Telstra friends and family plans to obtain cheap phone plans by selling off the phone component as this seller does.

          Just that in this way, the individual seller is always there for the buyer to help correct any problems.

      • +2

        Mobileciti must operate the same way as I had the exact same issue with my wife's iPhone 6s.

  • +1

    You can almost get a 55inch OLED TV + a iPhone 6s plus (not much slower - ultimately uses the same OS) for that money.

    Who can even tell this from an XR or X anyway? Everyone puts cases on them… I'm saying this because buying for status is the only reason I could think of paying this much. I'm an iPhone guy too, and Apple watch user.

    • it is not just buying a status but meeting some's need of having a huge screen iPhone :), at 6.5" is even bigger than Note 9's 6.4"

      • +1


        From a status point of view, at what point (age?) does it no longer hold a 'status' currency? Even someone on a minimum wage could pull one of these things on a plan if they wanted to. I don't really get it…

        • When the XI Max releases.

  • +6

    My first car cost less than this.

  • +1

    I got my XR brand new for $700 off gumtree, had a max and sold it. No need to pay retail these days, bargains galore if you know what you are doing.

    • +2

      Gumtree probably stolen

      • +2

        Next post. My IMEI is blocked. How do I get my money back?

        • Shows how much you know.

      • receipt :)

      • +1

        Lol, does it really matter for the buyer? No.

  • Hi OP, why do you have several OzBargain accounts and several eBay accounts?

    • Hi again OP! Mind answering my question?

  • +2

    Does this have the calculator function?

    • +1

      It has the gigabytes and wire less functionality to get Bluetooth speed and has good RAM storage

      Totally recommend

  • +2

    Cost more than a Switch + A few games + Sony 55" + LG V30 + Some money left

  • Negging due to dodgy af seller. Check post history, notorious for price jacking and also dodgily has multiple OzB and eBay accounts.
    Never has any genuine bargains, just phones that are a little cheaper than RRP with these silly eBay 20% off promos

  • +2

    A word of caution, a friend of mine recently bought the 256gb xs max in Malaysia for an equivalent amount of AU$2000 as she was home for summer. Brought it out several times near a pool and yes it was splashed several times, not dunked into the pool. After a week or so the phone randomly rebooted (akin to my previous LG G4), so she sent it for Apple to investigate, mind you Apple has change its policy from global to almost store warranty as the closest Apple reseller won't accept it.

    Then she went to the store she bought the phone previously only to be stumped by a bill of almost AU$1200 for a replacement since it was found out that it had water damage. The problem with this transaction was that the replacement will only be given 3 months warranty. Looking up online we found that, usually replacements are refurbs and she won't accept since she had the phone less than a month.

    The worst part was when she took back the phone, the 2 bottom screws were lost and was not put back accordingly. We went to an independent, who advertised that they did board level repairs only to be told that it wasn't worth it. Now it's sitting on her desk as a very expensive paperweight. Hopefully we'll find someone that could repair it in Oz. Please do PM if anyone has info, the one I found to be respectable was REWA - in Hong Kong.

    This phone is expensive
    Don't use it near water
    Or at least wait for the price to come down

    • +1

      Ring Apple Care

      • I had an iPhone 5, years ago (origin the USA). I went to an apple store to inquire about a faulty screen, 6 months in. They sent me packing… "It's not Aussie stock, we can't help you sorry"..

        • +2

          Well you got wrong info. Tip always ring Apple Care. I bought a 6S off a guy from Hawaii off gumtree, was only 6 months old and screen froze, rang apple care and they did express replacement, no cost.
          They take a hold on your CC till the old one is returned. Did it for a 8 over xmas too although was Australian bought.
          Apple service is second to none.

          • @DisabledUser260423: Welp they won't do anything since the water ingress stickers has changed color. And this country isn't OZ

        • +2

          Back in the day they wouldn't touch international phones. Now they generally do (from experience and other peoples experiences)

          • @Danstar: Righto, thanks for that (and @Bashster33). I'm talking 2012 from memory, it seems things have changed. Cheers.

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