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$3 Small Cheeseburger Meal @ McDonald’s


As part of the Loose Change Menu, the $3 Small Cheeseburger Meal deal will commence on the 27th of February.

You can change the fries to garden salad and drink to a bottle of water for no extra charge. If you’d like an upgraded drink you can do so at an extra cost.

For ordering on App and kiosk, choose Snacks & Fries —> Three for $3.

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    I'm not sure you've given us enough notice

  • +3 votes

    Wow! Thanks OP! Any idea how long this will run for?

    • +14 votes

      Yes, but the HJ receipt requires a prior purchase plus the completion of an online survey. Also the 'cheesy cheeseburger' looks dirty af

      • Also HJ isn't everywhere.

      • Yeah, instead of an actual slice of cheese they give you this slimey sauce whose taste vaguely resembles cheese.

        • It has regular cheese too, just order without cheesy cheese or mayo, add ketchup and mustard. Fixed. Get Maccas if you prefer obviously, but the HJ one isn't unsalvageable.

      • Exactly, who wants to eat a burger that has their whole tub of BBQ sauce in their ‘cheesy cheeseburger’? Certainly not me

  • +27 votes

    Garden salad instead of fries 🤣

  • This isn't going to replace the $5 lunch burger meal will it (currently the Chicken McFeast but has been the McFeast, McOZ, etc)?

  • Dam, starts after Valentine’s Day.

    • Just tell her her present is so great it will have to wait a couple of weeks…it will be worth it though

  • +2 votes

    setting a reminder because i'll probably forget. unless the comments section is active for the next 20 days

  • You can change the fries to garden salad

    Yeah, no thanks.

  • +13 votes

    Going to McDonald's for a salad is like going to a prostitute for a hug.

  • YAY 20 days notice so I can plan my life around a cheap cheeseburger……….

  • I can has cheezburger? 🐱

  • Love swapping out the small soft drink for the bottle of water.

  • geez $3 cheeseburger meal, $1 sundae…mcdonalds is starting to get really competitive.

    • Except for the $3.70 for a large coke. In America, it's $0.99 for any sized drink and the larger is bigger than here.

  • Shame you can't swap out the drink for a salad or other solid item. I already get all the water I need from their bathroom sink. Oh yeah, and plastic bla bla environment bla bla.

    • I always get a coffee, or an apple juice if I don't feel like coffee - the apple juice comes in a sealed bottle so you can take it home, put it in the fridge, and have it when you want.

      • I'm not really a fan of reconstituted juice but hopefully they get that new crushed apple juice that's sold by some Coca Cola subsidiary. I had it at Oportos and Subway for my free birthday meals and felt like a winner.

    • No point in worrying about plastic at this point, civilisation is coming to an end within 300 years due to climate change according to scientists. You will not want to be alive much past 2100.

  • The last time I changed fries to a garden salad they took 10 minutes to chop up regular lettuce and tomato - the kind used for burgers - and gave a packet of expired salad dressing.

    • I bet they had to read the process from a book too!

    • Yeah I had a salad at McDonald's once and it was gross. I usually love salad.

    • +1 vote

      I had a couple that were fine. But I stopped bothering checking in the app when 95 times out of 100 it was out of stock. They just want to pretend they offer salad. They don't sell enough to bother pretending to actually stock it.

  • $3 for crap food. No thanks.
    Use those $3 for a coleslaw salad instead and you will be much better fed with less risk of a heart attack.

  • 20Days, that should be sufficient to start losing weight preparing for it!! yay!

  • Getting excited now!

  • Glad I'm in Bali for a few weeks from next week otherwise these deal would get a real workout from me, already have planned to buy a few lunch today.

  • +1 vote

    not available in app

  • "You can change the fries to garden salad and drink to a bottle of water for no extra charge".

    If you cared even a little about your health you would do this. However, you shouldn't even be ordering at McDonalds in the first place unless you want to contribute to the high obesity and heart disease rates.

    • Your not wrong, but I'm sure everyone knows this already. Sometimes I like eating garbage and it's already hard enough trying not to think about the suffering involved to make food this cheap without adding a sad salad.

  • Here we go!

  • Guys, If I eat twice a day as opposed to 3 times a day will I lose weight?

  • Ordered 4 , tks for the inspiration Kingofhearts . Hope your comments doesn't disappear : ) Gave u a vote + vote m8 .

  • Was planning on two of these for lunch with a $1 Sundae, have to settle for the cheeseburger meals as Sundaes are back to normal price.

  • Done deal…paired it with a $2 6 Nugget deal today too…best $5 ever!! :)

    • should have also got the $5 Chicken McFeast meal cause, epic feed and huge calories for $10

      • +2 votes

        yeah but the chicken mcfeast is disgusting, why won't they bring back the mcoz deal

        • I love the Chicken McFeast. What r u on about mate.

        • Protip, order chicken mcfeast minus chicken patty, and ring up a quarter pounder patty separately. Costs 25c more at most stores/

          • @JordanM: When McDoubles were $2, I was ordering the Chicken McFeast, removing the patty, adding a McDouble with no bun and adding the two patties, sauce and pickles int the McFeast. Excellent $5 meal!

        • When it was a beef McFeast I use to order two small meals and modify the burgers so one was a small quarter pounder meal for $5.50 (extra slice of cheese and remove a bunch of stuff) the other one I use to essentially make a quarter pounder sized big mac - can't remember exactly how much more that was but it was a dollar or less. Was great value as I was getting sick of the McFeast. But yeah Chicken McFeast is disappointing and you can't modify the burger to the extent you could when it was beef :(

  • Ordered this today - went with wife and youngest grandchild for lunch.

    3 x cheeseburger meals, 2 swapped out for water bottles, plus a ham pocket (Which we have described as the McDonalds Quesadilla..).

    Sadly grandchild didn't like the ham (but easily removed).

    Total was $11.50 which is pretty good for lunch for 2 adults and a child.

    • it is interesting that an adult can be satisfied with one small McDonald's cheese burger meal for lunch. I'm in my mid 30's and there's no way I could call that lunch.

    • Yeah sounds nice but honestly hard to go past domino's if you wanna feed a crowd.. $5 for a pizza is hard to pass

  • My mcdonalds had this greyed out on the kiosk. Is it only available in a select places?

  • Just a heads up for when this deal finishes, the regular price for a small cheeseburger meal is $6+ depending on store (a bit steep imo, i think it was only $5.60 about a year ago), BUT you can get the same thing in a Happy Meal for $4.95 & you get a toy with it.