How Many Scoops for Your Coffee/Espresso via Aeropress?

I'm new to this Aerobie Aeropress and these past few days I've been using Toraja blend and I feel 1 scoop is uber weak !!

When I say scoop, i'm measuring using its scoop, which included in the Aeropress itself.

So, how many scoop of coffee do you use for your cuppa (1x serving)?

I've only tried Inverted method so far.


  • I scoop per shot, how much water are you using? I'll press 2 coffees out of one press 2 scoops.

    Inverted press is best for paper filters, I have a no drip stainless cap that lets me sit it up the normal way.

  • Just under 1 scoop of beans for me, which I then grind using a porlex.

  • I go by weight. 17g coffee for a full one (~240mL water) and adjust from there depending on the coffee. I think that's about a scoop's worth, but it depends on the type of beans/the grind if that's what you're measuring by.

    Amount of coffee isn't the only variable though - grind and brew time might need adjustment too.

  • Agree with grind, if you don't have a grinder and buy a bag and get it ground for you be sure to ask for it to be a bit courser than espresso grind.

    Good coffee shops will know an aeropress grind or advise you to invest in a grinder for freshest grind.