Bang for Buck Private Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Client?

Before I pull the trigger and purchase NIB hospital insurance, I thought I check in here. As I intend to make use of the LHC, I plan to purchase health insurance within this next 12 months.

The question: ' is NIB a good Private Health Insurance? '

I heard lots of good thing about CUA but it's slightly more expensive than NIB, however if it's definitely the better provider, I don't mind forking out the difference.

Apology if this topic has been butchered many times; I thought I ask before regretting my decision. TIA !!!


  • Before you join any private health insurer, make sure you read and understand the conditions carefully.

    Especially around the waiting periods and pre-existing condition, including prostate surgery:

    Every insurer will have some sort of restriction on the cover for pre-existing conditions.

    • Yes, check the pre-existing condition limitations (I'm referring to OP's other posting re Prostate)

      • I saw both posts and was afraid that OP didn't understand the pre-existing conditions restrictions etc.

  • NIB is one of the worst in terms of out of pocket. If your doctor no-gaps, they are all the same.

    If your doctor charges a gap, up to typically $500, most other HF will still pay that no-gap amount. Above that gap, they reduce the payment to the doctor and the patient's out of pocket increases by a fairly large amount. For NIB, they do not have that $500 buffer… if the doctor charges any gap at all, even $1, the patient is immediately out of pocket the larger amount.

    That above arrangement is called known-gap. Check with CUA if they provide that.

  • It’s also worth checking that if you have a preferred hospital, that it is covered in the insurers network. Same with any doctors you might already see - to see if they have no gap or known gap agreements