expired Free Anime - My Hero Academia Uncut Season 1 and Attack on Titan Season 101 @ Microsoft (Canada VPN Required)


Series 1 of both these anime are now free through Microsoft after Amazon.

Attack on Titan

DragonBall Z is still free (last day).

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    I've heard Attack on Titan is good, will give it a go. Thanks!


    Thanks. Need to set Store region in your account to Canada to redeem. I haven't figured out how yet tho.

    Edit: I found it in my profile and addresses.. didn't work. I don't think this one is going to work without VPN??

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      use a vpn and connect to Canada then redeem. should work

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        Yep had to VPN to Canada to 'buy' the series.

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        I don't have a paid VPN service. It's not worth it for the odd freebie.

        Do people just change their password, use a free vpn, then change their password back? Given there is no payment.

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          If you can buy it in browser you should be fine using the Opera browser


            @jrjr: Did you set your locataion to americas? I didn't have an option for canada and just tried but still getting the same error message


          You can use Windscribe (windscribe.com), they give you a free version with a generous data allotment, or you can get a free trial of pro for a week.

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    Attack on Titan Season 101

    Holycrap I'm really behind!


    Modiri is a massive sook.
    Attack on Titan is great.
    Good deal

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      Bro this is from Microsoft.

      Edit: Oh man he edited the legit part of his post

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    Yes, please, the way they should be ;D.


    Got them easily with TunnelBear to Canada.


    They're all on crunchy roll (which is free except for ads in between like youtube unless you pay 6.99pm for adfree watching)


      I was going to say that crunchyroll only allows 480p in free mode, but looks like they changed it. You can watch in 1080p (at least in my test just now) even in free mode.

      Here is the link to episode 1 of My Hero Academia:


      EDIT: Change was made 1 month ago according to the Cruncyroll FAQ, when they switched to the html5 player:

      Q: I’m a free user, am I supposed to be able to watch videos in HD?

      A: Yes! Resolution will be based on bandwidth, but we are excited to provide HD video for all users on desktop, starting with this new player.


      My issue with Crunchyroll ads is that they don't time it properly and is off by a second or so.
      Shock panning into a cliffhanger -> 2-3 minute ad break -> the leftover second -> Ending sequence.

      My favourite is when Detective Conan has a cut to prepare you for a mid-episode ad break and Crunchyroll misses./s


    It annoys me us Aussies keep needing to do all these tricks to get deals like this.

    Either VPN or create some account overseas with dummy address credit card whatever

    Why can't MS offer it here?

    So annoying need to work for them

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    Thanks. Canadian VPN works. Just doesn't show in my AU store account library. You physically have to change your Windows/Xbox region to Canada before it will show up in your Microsoft store purchased library. Otherwise just visit the store web page and it will show "You own this series" and can watch without the need to change regions.