Best Women's Shampoo?

Can someone recommend a good but decently priced women's shampoo or a way to get more expensive shampoos cheaply?
Most of the shampoos from the supermarket leave my hair too greasy or make me itch.
If there was a baby shampoo I could use that was good I'd use it but cetaphil is about $8 for a medium bottle and I don't know if it works. Johnson and Johnson should not be used on babies it's so chemical and awful.

I tried Kerastase lately and it's incredible! - but $40 a bottle!
Does anybody know how to get it or other brands like Loreal cheaply?

Also, if there is an all over body and hair shampoo that would be a winner. Paula's Choice has it but it makes me break out.

Thanks for your help.


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    My wife uses this stuff and has been for years, she's usually pretty fussy.

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    Have you thought of nopoo? I’ve been using it for over a year and my hair has never been softer or healthier.

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    go try all the shampoos from $1-$2 and work your way up. start at aldi. almost all shampoos are a scam. just find the absolute cheapest one that works for you.

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    There's men's and women's shampoo???

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      Men's shampoo - $2 in Colies on special (Morning Fresh)

      Women's shampoo - bubbly fruits and vegetables in bottles. $50 but for you I give good price. $45.


      Well, I've read some of the forums on this site and it seems men are happy to use an old bar of soap. If I used soap on my hair it strips the oils, dries it out - and just recently, really the last few years, I've noticed most of the brands in woolworths have buggered my hair, dried it out or too oily. I think it's a conspiracy to get people to buy the more expensive ones which surprisingly have become more numerous, but it's probably just me, most women are probably happy with them.


    Nak care, about $20 for 1L


    I'm a sucker for Oil of Marrakesh based shampoos. I feel pretty well travelled and exotic.


    My wife uses the Schwarzkopf push up volume shampoo and conditioner. They are about $3.50 each when on special at colesworths. Once a week , she uses this on the ends.She also tries not to wash her hair too often and not to use too much heat products.

    She has beautiful long, thick hair ( thanks to good genetics and possibly pregnancy hormones) with big bouncy curls.

    Expensive shampoos make her hair go frizzy or oily.


    Everyone's hair is different. One brand may work for you but not for someone else.


      any works for everyone. that just what "big hair" wants u to think. its like saying, some soap washes some people better than others. you gota find the soap that washes the type of body you have…

      and i have actually heard some people say
      "ow, that body wash dosent really work for me"
      everyone is stupid.

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        I actually find some soaps do make my skin more oily and after a while of using it i come out with acne on my back. I've had this problem all my life. And some soaps aggravate it more than others.

        And yes any shampoo will work on hair.
        But if you're telling me there isn't an affect on different hair types you'd be wrong.

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        any works for everyone

        Yes but no. It'll clean your hair, but some may cause unpleasant reactions, like increase loss of hair, increase in scalp/hair oiliness, being too clean and leaving hair feeling like straw.

        I'm guessing youre a guy with limited hair and experience in trying different products to be able to tell a difference.


    Try silicone free shampoo and conditioner if your hair feel greasy after being washed. I know Schwarzkopf has them. Other brands probably do too.


      Thank you. Most except Loreal in woolworths have dried my hair to oblivion.


        I wonder if you might have been getting the formulation that's not suitable for your hair/scalp condition out of each brand. I've found that some products from a brand might work on me while others from the same brand don't.


          Thanks. I didn't really think of that. I guess I just thought they were similar and it was often marketing, because that's really what it's like. But I'll give it a go. Thank you.

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