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Hi all. After some advice. I'm moving my parents from Qld to WA and wondering if anyone has any advice on transport of tools/furniture. Has anyone done the research and found a good economical solution? Appreciate any feedback.



    Sell all the furniture and buy ikea.


      Yes, if possible that would be good…and maybe just tow a trailer over with the precious boxes of the stuff to keep.


      Yeah thats the plan, but its the "special" things in boxes that need moving. Not a lot but more than a car can carry.

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    Unless the furniture was really really expensive or has sentimental value, better to sell and buy new stuff when you get there

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    I've moved a house load of stuff interstate a few times, but from Vic > NSW > Vic > NSW lol
    It does cost a lot! BUT I believe it is better to pay more and have your stuff looked after and delivered safely. The BIG companies are crap, as they pass on your stuff from truck to truck and contractor to contractor - that is when stuff gets broken and lost :(.
    I always use a small, local company (from either end) that will pick up and deliver my stuff in the same truck. Ring the small, local companies…and if they can't do it they may know someone who can. If you have no luck, I can give you the number of a great removalist (in Coffs Harbour) that has helped me out a few times, and get his recommendation for you - they are amazing! and they know who the cowboys are in their trade. Contact me if you want. Good Luck!


    Research backhauling.

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    Backhauling is good option but be prepared to wait sometimes delays can take a week as well. Example as per a truckie if I hit a roo it adds a few hours, tyre puncture is the same.

    I have moved from NSW to WA to QLD to UK to WA. First time just put all my stuff in wagon and drove across, used chess removals once then always backhaul.

    If bringing a car cheapest is again back haul but if company is going to transport over train you need to be prepared for new tyres as rubber chunks get chewed off tyres when it goes up the ramp for the train. Car will need an inspection on arrival and you can easily get new plates

    If self packing its cheaper but you will not get insurance easily- I never got extra insurance, just standard items got lost/truck had an accident insurance.

    Get good cardboard boxes and good tape. If a lot of stuff spend money and get one of those roll and cut hand held tools, a bit fidly at first but superb once you get the hang of it.

    Make a list of items in boxes and number your boxes and take a photo of them. Get zip lock bags for small things like screws and fittings etc.

    news Paper is also a good packaging stuff. bubble wrap is good, gumtree is a good source of packaging material. Good boxes from outside toys stores like toyworld etc.

    Its easy for ppl to say sell on gumtree but that can be hard unless you just want to throw things away.
    If its a trial you can think about temporarily storing items, if health is an issue just get everything across cause the first day you will realise you forgot XYZ and need to get it.


    Were your parents some of the people you got advice from lol?

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