Xiamoi Mi Robot Vaccum V1 Getting Stuck after Latest Firmware?

Hi guys, my normally faultless Mi Robot Vacuum has been useless since the latest firmware upgrade, getting caught on rugs that never bothered it (just Ikea fake Persian rugs, 1.5cms high). In the space of 15 minutes it’s been stuck at least 5 or 6 times and I’ve got no idea why, when last week it had zero issues in the same rooms over he same obstacles. It also seems to have got dumber, spending 10 minutes at one point repeatedly ramming into a chair. Is anyone else experiencing these difficulties?


  • when did last firmware update come out?
    I used mine this morning, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of getting stuck, but it could not find the base to charge when finished. have not updated firmware for a month or so.

  • I did mine the other day, no issues on my rug of similar size.

    Maybe a general, clean all the sensors - side, bottom and a power off/on to ensure its booted correctly.

    About a year ago, mine kept running into the wall, a reboot fixed it. Never done it since.

  • I'm more concerned about it getting over the lips of my carpets. No problem at all until today. Now, it got stuck so many times that I gave up and sent it home.