Where Is The New Internet Hangout

So as with all things must come to an end or anew and I am anticipating the next new online hangout to replace whirlpool forums, ozbargain or local area subreddit (e.g. /r/sydney for me)

I am wondering if maybe there is a new place on the block where the cool kids are hanging out now.. Maybe telegram or some new website I have not heard of yet or new app.

I always fear the day I become old and out of touch I feel sometimes I have already reached that but you can never know.

So am asking here which is probably not the best of places if there are any cool new places where aussies or the like are discussing new cool things or etc.

I am in a lot of Aussie and local area discords but honestly there is only a handful.

So is there a new kid on the block that I don't know of or is ocau, ozb and wp the mainstays for Aussie online presence thingamabobs for a long time coming. Thanks sincerely an old fart signing out.


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