Does Ticktick Ever Go on Sale (Android) ?

Hello all,

I've recently invested a fair bit of time (Went down a bit of a rabbit hole), researching the best task manager/to-do list app with cross platform integration.

I'm quite happy with Ticktick, and ready to commit to the platform, and lock in my decision.

I'm well aware that there exists a free version, however this will be a long term commitment for myself, and a lifestyle change at the least. For that reason, I'm willing to pay for the product.

Before I commit to purchasing at full price, it would be very helpful if someone could offer some insights into pricing.

1) Has the app ever been on special in the past?
2) Is there any way to get it any cheaper than it is/free (VPN etc)
3) Do they have a history of periodic discounts? E.g. Xmas/Boxing Day/V-Day etc?

Would love to hear - thanks!


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    If you search on google, you might find the apk installation file that can be sideloaded…

    (Of course the information above is just for educational purposes only and I'm not suggesting you should install and use it for free!)


      This is a cloud based service, so I imagine this won't be possible? A bit like Adobe Premiere Suite.

      (Asking also, for educational purposes).


        This is a cloud based service

        In that case, it's likely to be a no-go.

        (I wasn't expecting a task manager to be cloud-based.)

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