Kogan Not Responding to My Email

I bought B&O H9i from Kogan on 25th Jan. Received an email saying expected date of dispatch is 7th Feb 2019. I emailed them yesterday (10th Feb) and no response.

There is no phone number I can call as well. I was very excited that I bought headphones at very good price but now feeling very frustrated.

Please suggest what can I do??

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    Looks like you are Importing the Item from Kogan HK Limited.


    Expect delays from Hong Kong.

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    Received an email saying expected date of dispatch is 7th Feb 2019. I emailed them yesterday (10th Feb) and no response.

    I'm not sure what you're expecting. Date of dispatch, even for expedited local shipping, will take a few days. The 10th was literally one business day from when it was to be dispatched… I know that today's society breeds a sense of instant gratification but com'on!


    I think they'll be dealing with all the Nikon camera snafu customers.


    Hasnt even been 1 week since the expected dispatch date - which is just an estimate

    Hasnt been 1 business day since your email - and it was on the weekend so even if customer service are working warehouses and suppliers might not even be physically there to get you an updated eta until today/tomorrow at the earliest since its a danish company

    I think you should wait a little

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    Thanks guys. As suggested I will wait for response from customer service and shipping status update on my order

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      Did you get a response? I wrote to them and heard back today that they are unable to supply my order due to overwhelming demand.

      They said they would refund, but it will take up to 7 days for it to process. Yay more waiting!


        Did you order the H9i headphones as well? I got a response today but nothing about cancellation

        "Just an update on your recent order with us.

        I am currently awaiting an update from our warehouse in regard to the progress of your delivery.

        Please note that investigations can take up to 7 business days to complete.

        Rest assured that we are making every effort to locate your order and we will contact you as soon as we receive further information.

        Thank you for your patience."


    Got an email with tracking number today. Not happy with dispatch handling but I think I can't complain considering price I paid for these headphones :)

    I should receive it by Wednesday next week.

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