Can Anybody Log into Zapals?

Website works but trying to log in to buy something but it keeps coming up with some server timeout error. Been like this for the last couple of days.

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    Don't know about logging in, but I'm still auto-logged in so their system seems to still be up.


      yeah I cleared my cookies so no longer logged in :(


        Just for you I risked logging out… and I can log back in. Maybe try another DNS server?


          I was on Google DNS. Tried TPG's own DNS and rebooted my router. Still the same on Chrome/FF/IE on both laptop and mobile. But I tried via 4G and it works although I can't sign out.

          Keeps saying this:

          Service Temporarily Unavailable
          The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

          A timeout occurred
          The origin web server timed out responding to this request.

          Ray ID: 4a777dedbff065cf
          Your IP address: x.x.x.x
          Error reference number: 524
          Cloudflare Location: Sydney

          Edit: just tried hotspotting my phone and it still doesn't let me log on via laptop.

          Edit 2: just tried on another laptop that's never logged into Zapals before. It let me but again can't sign out. So weird!

          Edit 3: it doesn't let me search either nor add things to the logged in account -_-


            @CVonC: Just logged in via phone (thanks for the bargain btw =P) went all the way through to checkout and payment via PayPal.

            This is now being really weird…

            Maybe it's an issue with your block of IP addresses tripping some anti-DDoS thing at CloudFlare? But that shouldn't affect you on 4G through your phone…



              Maybe it's an issue with your block of IP addresses tripping some anti-DDoS thing at CloudFlare? But that shouldn't affect you on 4G through your phone

              Yeah I was thinking something along those lines. But yeah 4G is affected too, this is on Kogan btw. Ugh I'll have to try at a different place then I guess.


                @CVonC: Can you maybe borrow a friend's smartphone and try on that? This is beyond weird - if it was a Zapals server issue, I should also be affected but I'm not. If it's an issue with your internet, it shouldn't persist through wired net and 4G.

                It might be something with your account. Or maybe a cookie or other temporary saved file issue on your laptop/phone. Sorry, my IT skills (or what passes for them) are out of ideas.


                  @HighAndDry: I ended up having to add the order via the Zapals app over 4G. Then went to the laptop that was able to log in via wifi home internet. Clicked out of Topcashback then redirected to Zapals. Get this though, I tried to change currency from AUD (the app had it in USD but the desktop defaults to AUD for some reason). When I changed to GBP/USD it would clear my cart and I can't add the item to my cart due to the timeout issue! But when I switch back to AUD the item is still in the cart. Anyway, turns out AUD was cheaper after tax and conversion anyway so I proceeded to check out via Paypal.

                  And now that I have completed the order, I can log in and add items via my original laptop but can't add items via phone on wifi/4G lol…


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    people still shop at Zapals after all the reports of ppl not getting the stuff they ordered?


      Well I really want this blue braided usb-c 5A cable. If you can find one for under 1.99USD delivered please link me.

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        if you really want it zapals is the LAST place you should order from…

        you will most likely be waiting a minimum of several months for something that wont even arrive and then you will have to deal with zero customer support and then a paypal claim

        …just buy it from a reputable retailer so you can actually receive it and use it.


          Yes I'm well aware of the how Zapals is. But every order I've made has come. Although one order did take 12 weeks which I thought was lost and ended up getting a refund for.

          Anyway, like I said that's the cable I want and if you can point me to a place that sells that cable I'll be more than happy to check it out. I've checked eBay and AliExpress but can't seem to find the same one.

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