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QC 3.0 Double Elbow USB Data Cable, One Per Account (USB C, Micro USB or Lightning) US $0.74 (~AU $1.05) Delivered @ AliExpress


Price in title inclusive of GST.

One per account!

Red, black and gold available. USB C sold out red and gold back in stock.

Item Description

Compatible Brand - MEIZU,LG,Xiaomi,Apple,ZTE,SONY,Huawei,Lenovo,Universal,SAMSUNG
Quality Certification - CE,RoHS,FCC,CCC,KEMA,C-Tick,IRAM,VCCI
Output Interface USB,Lightning,Type C
Power Source - USB
Input - 12-24V/2.4A
Brand Name - lieve
USB Ports - 1
Support Quick Charge Technology Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
Model Number USB Cable
Output 5V/2.4A
Type - Travel
length - 100cm
Support - QC3.0 2.4A quick charging

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  • +3

    There are tons of branded same cables for just a few bucks, myself can't justify why going unbranded one

    • Bah, why pay more.

      • I understand your point. 90 cent is too much of trouble to bother.
        This or Baseus, UGreen, Anker or even Samsung or Apple are the same for you. Good for you.

  • +18

    this is non mobile link if anyone need. i got headache looking at mobile site from 25" monitor

    but the price slightly more expensive

    • thanks - came to US$.75 for me.

    • I was getting ready to give up ordering (on PC) till I saw your non-mobile link. Thanks!

  • do they support fast charging?

    • +1

      Apparently it does

      Support Quick Charge Technology Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
      Support - QC3.0 2.4A quick charging

  • +1

    Usb c cannot allow checkout

    • It's sold out. Micro USB and lightning still available.

  • Ordered microusb by mistake instead of type C. how does cancelling order work with Aliexpress?

    • +1

      easy - you can cancel any time before it ships, just go to your order list

  • Looks like USB c is mostly used…. Now let iPhone have a USB c port Mr Tim

  • Darn, missed the usb-c. Was thinking of getting a regular one for using in the top of my backpack with a powerbank, however I would prefer it to be 15-30cm so there is not the big tangle of excess cord in my pack top. Still good price.

    • Back in stock

  • I was charged 92 cents. Used a Citibank Mastercard.

    Thanks OP for highlighting deal.

    • I used 28degrees $1.04.

  • nice

  • Does anyone know if the lightning cable will properly charge iPads and iPhone 6s+. Does it cause the warning about incompatible accesories?

    • I've used plenty of these cheap cables on my 2018 iPad with no issues, but there's always the risk of damaging your device as they use counterfeit mfi chips. Only using while my iPad is in warranty…

    • +6

      PayPal is also foreign, and it's not like AliExpress is a little no name. They're owned by Alibaba, one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

      • +1

        Who own AliPay ;)

        Surprisingly AliExpress do infact accept PayPal but only for select countries right now.

  • just bought red usb c

  • +1

    how about this cable pair with Nintendo switch

  • I bought the gold Type C

  • Hope I'll get it. Does anyone know how long will it take to arrive in Sydney?

    • +2

      Prolly around 4-6 weeks.. Usual time for Ali

      • Cheers. Gees have to put it on my calendar otherwise probably I'll most likely forget it.

        • +6

          When you get a run and order a few of these cheaply priced impulse buys a week for a few months you really forget about a lot of things you ordered, then when it arrives it can be a nice surprise :-)

  • +1

    Its a pain to have so many types of charging cables for the different devices.

    Usb micro, mini, type c, lightning…..

    • +2

      easy to get rid of one of them.. drop apple products :D

      • Had my only apple product ( ipod touch ) stolen four years ago and have not been tempted to replace with Anything else apple.

        You could say I haven't looked back lol.

  • I bought a gold USB-C one earlier but just stickybeaking it again now seems price has gone up to US $0.85.

    • US $0.87 now…

  • not MFI, no thanks

    • LOL
      It's product & delivery for $1.05

      • not worth it considering a cheap cable has in the past damaged iPhones.

        $1.05 cable can = $1000+ phone damaged

  • How does the New user $3USD coupon work? Is there a minimum purchase amount?
    NVM: I saw in very fine print it says minimum $4 order

  • bah..USB type-C Black all gone???

    when will these get re-stock??

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