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Hello all,

Just looking if there is any good deals on 2080 gaming systems besides the tech fast systems.



  • Pccg -

    I was looking at these systems and the response from customers seem positive.

    • I've been using PCCG for computer parts for just over 10 years, building systems for myself and friends/family. Some things lack a little variety but generally can't go wrong with them in my experience.

  • What other requirements did you have? Or just that it has an RTX2080? Other than Techfast AU (or similar eBay system integrators) any system with a 2080 is going to cost you an arm and a leg just because it's the top tier card at the moment. What's your budget like?

    • Im honestly just looking for a high end gaming PC to be honest.

      My budget is around 2.5K

      • PCCG have good systems, but you might be stung by shipping a little since they're based in Melb.

        I personally like MWave for pre-built systems (and also PC parts) but they're not the cheapest - they just have a good balance of parts availability, easy to use website and general convenience, but they don't have any pre-builts with an 2080 at your price-point (neither does PCCG). As expected, they use 2080s to also bundle the highest tier CPUs and other components where it's not actually necessary, but where many 2080 buyers would be willing to spend.

        If you have any PC-building skills (or want to start) you can look into specc'ing your own system, in which case hit up PC Partpicker - they have build guides and also links to where to get each part the cheapest. This config seems to be the closest to what you want, but just be aware that taking shipping into account it'll also be significantly over your $2,500 budget.

      • excluding / already got display monitor ?

  • You build a 8700k 2080 16gb ram build for about $2200.

    Prices according to past sales
    Case $100
    PSU $120
    Mobo $180
    CPU $580
    CPU cooler $50
    GPU $950
    Ram $130
    Storage $150

    Total: $2260.

    • You build a 8700k

      Don't buy an 8700K though, buy a i5-9600K and an excellent cooler such as the Noctua DH-15 to overclock it because there is almost no benefit to gaming at 1440 or higher from using an 8700K compared to a 9600K. Although there is benefit to 1920x1080 if you use high framerates in games such as competitive shooters.

      Buy a 2080 Ti with the money saved.

  • Build yourself! Its fun and you get to know the in and outs of your system :)

  • will intel release the next gen CPU soon? i10 or something?

  • Am curious if there's a reason you don't want to buy and build?

    Fair enough if you just don't want to, but you can save a chunk doing so (as well as gaining experience with the hardware).

  • As others note it's very easy to build PCs, there are guides all over the place and you only need to do it once to know how to do it again.

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