Multi Display for Lenovo E485


I'm looking at ways I can get multi display (two monitors) working for my Lenovo E485. In the past, I have used a USB to HDMI adaptor off ebay and they worked quite well. However, now I'm looking at a USB-C to HDMI adaptor hub of the type at

However, a lot of the ones on ebay say Macbook only. I've found some on Aliexpress that say they also support Lenovo Yoga - but none explicitly supporting Lenovo Thinkpad. Even found some that say Lenovo not supported. I've asked them for clarification on why and have had mixed results - some saying the USB-C charge does not work and some saying HDMI does not work.

Does anyone have any idea of what the issue is and which ones I should look for to get a USB-C to HDMI adaptor with a charge so I can still charge my laptop at the same time?



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    This would do the job. You can find cheaper ones on eBay but I'll stick with a decent brand like Xiaomi. I myself have one and quite happy with it. Use the onboard HDMI to drive one monitor and the usb-c to HDMI adapter for the other.


    Double check that the adapter can charge at sufficient voltage (USB-PD), but otherwise USB-C is a standard so any standard USB-C 3.1 hub, with HDMI output, would be sufficient.


      So, if the voltage is good - even though the ad says Macbook any, the hub should work?


        Basically yeah. A lot of devices specify "MacBook" because that's the most commonly used laptop model.


      USB-C has been around for longer than USB 3.1 and does not necessarily imply support for it. That's why so many products specify "MacBook" - all their possible models are compatible, as opposed to other brands of tablets/laptops.


    It's likely just the ebay "works with mac!!!!!!!" Thing, they should be fine (though other have already provided other options if you want to be sure)

    That said…is the e485s usb-c port able to support monitors? Didn't know it was, nice to know if it is.

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    Im looking at picking up this laptop as for the price it looks like a perfect work laptop for me (currently have a Yoga X1, but I stupidly limited it to 8gb in 2017 and I need to run VM's).

    Of course I could just shell out and get an X1 Extreme, but this is ozbargain..

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