Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ Or Note 9

So i am deciding on buying 2018 samsung phone but not sure if the extra ram 4gb vs 6gb vs 8gb ram, do you think that is necessary in regards to performance improvement or doesn’t really matter


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    Buy S10 in 1 month.


    It's really just screen size. The extra ram is to handle the extra pixels in each size. The S9 cranks along well. Handles pubg at full graphics 60fps no drama. Decide if you need a big, really big or enormous screen.


      i know that the battery is bigger by 16.67% (500mah) but screen is 0.5 inch bigger, do you think the battery life will be longer or just the same


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    To the op. I say wait till the s10 is announced. There will be discounts on the s9 s9+ and note 9.

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