expired [PS4] PlayStation Free Multiplayer Weekend - Battlefield V, GTA V, RDR2, FIFA 19, PES 2019 @ PlayStation


Preempting the "is this a deal" question, owners of selected games can play online without needing to purchase a PS Plus subscription.

Sony have announced an upcoming weekend where players who do not own a PlayStation Plus subscription can still login and play their favourite multiplayer modes of games they currently own.

These games include Grand Theft Auto (V) Online and Red Dead (Redemption 2) Online.

Other games include Monster Hunter World, FIFA 19, PES 2019 and Battlefield V.

The weekend spans from February 15th – February 17th, 2019.

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    Would have been nicer if the offer was free 2 day trial for all of the listed games. But then again that's alo to ask of Sony.


      Honestly, 2-days doesn't seem worth it.
      Call it a full week free online (no free games), then it becomes more compelling offer.

      Heck, the PS3 ecosystem is still alive unlike the x360 because of that one detail.


    Sounds like a great weekend to take a break from GTA Online


    No free online play with Fifa last night.