Newegg - How Long to Ship to Your Door in Australia?

Just trying to get a feel for shipping times to Australia using NewEgg’s free ‘World EggSaver Standard’ shipping. Their website says it takes 4-7 business days to arrive. In my case, my item cleared customs in Sydney after 7 days, and since then it’s been 6 days of radio silence. Delivery is for Perth.

After some investigation it turns out that NewEgg uses DHL eCommerce which is DHL’s bottom-of-the-barrel shipping. Once it hits Australia it apparently gets passed to AusPost. No tracking number works for AusPost and all DHL tracking updates stopped after the item cleared customs.

I have purchased from NewEgg a couple years ago but can’t remember what the turnaround time was. Wish they had specified in the shipping details that it gets passed to the local postal service (instead of implying that it was door-to-door), as I likely would’ve paid extra for express.

For those who also ordered from NewEgg, how long did yours take?

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    There is a tracking number for Auspost, but you need the tracking number that DHL eCommerce provides to get it.

    Once you have it go here:

    Auspost tracking number will be listed next to "Local Tracking Number"

    Last item I bought from Newegg that got sent through DHL eCommerce took 23 days to be delivered to a regional NSW address (this was in Nov 2018).


    Around 3 weeks for me. Perth metro.


    Thanks for the replies. I thought I'd post a follow-up to help anyone else that may find this thread:

    The item came the next day, so it took about two weeks. Once it arrived in Australia, the "local tracking number" for my particular item was not for AusPost though. The AusPost website just said something about it being an international item and can't be tracked. The tracking number started with AU and ended with AU. After some serious digging, I found out the local tracking number was for AMS (Australasian Mail Services).

    If anyone ends up with a similar tracking number, you can use this website to track AMS items:

    The item must've still been passed on to Australia Post though, as they put it in my Parcel Locker.