[VIC] State Government Offers $1000 Rebate to Install Solar Hot Water


Just read this article on theage. How much does a system like this cost and is it worthwhile to install, for those who have it?

I mean winter is when it's needed the most and that's when we get the least sun. Not sure "whether" this is worthwhile.


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    If it's as fantastic as the Labor government claims it is, people will elect to buy it regardless and a real supply a demand model will bring the price down.

    This is inflating the demand with money that belongs to the customers in the first place.

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      I hope you aren't suggesting that retailers would maybe possibly increase their prices and a hundred fly by night business will start up to install solar hot water, all at the taxpayers expense? Because that's never what happens with government funded schemes such as this.

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        I'd never suggest such a far fetched scenario.

    • I have a feeling this might turn out like the pink batts insulation thing. Lots of inflate demand, a tonne of inexperienced and under-trained workers enter the industry. Quality and standards fall through the floor, and worst case scenario people die or get injured.

      • I thought when government steps in, the people step up?

  • Considering my family hot water system just cost $1,600 for a 5 star Rheem system to be installed, I'd assume that $1,000 probably won't cover 50% of a solar system unless its a tiny on-demand type system.

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    Solar hot water system cost $5000-$7000 and it shpuld use a gas/electricity booter when the hot watwr is not hot enough due to no sun.

    Annual saving i would say aroumd $500-$700 but i got part broken with only 7 years use and cost $500 to be fixed.

    I would say for $1000 it is not worth it. Better get a gas or off peak hot water system.

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    The people i know with solar hot water generally find it inadequate… essentially SHW gives you plenty of hot water in summer (when it is not needed) and very little in winter (when it is needed).

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