Retractable Awning for Backyard Reviews

HI guys,

I am looking for some shade in my back yard areas 3m x 3m. found this retractable awning with motor and without.

anybody has any experience about these? and whats your opinion on this?



    Could be an alright deal. Never seen anyone use this one though.

    Hope you don't live in a windy area or have a tendency to forget to retract that thing and go to work etc. So many people how come home at the end of the day/weekend to see this thing busted because of bad weather!

    I know people who have bought custom built models of these things and have spent more on repairs than the thousands it cost to build/install!


      I did consider that, unfortunately it does get windy around my house but i guess just gotta be careful and retract it when not in use.

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    I've got one similar I bought from Masters some years ago. I found it ok, but it doesn't make too much shade depending on the solar aspect.
    Mine is a manual and works great. It is always retracted if not in use