expired ½ Price Vitasoy Long Life Non-Dairy Milks $1.22 - $1.50 @ Woolworths


Vitasoy long-life non-dairy milks are half price at Woolworths. Just in time, my broden from last time has run out.

Vitasoy Calci Plus Soy Milk 1L $1.50 (Normally $3)
Vitasoy Original Soy Milk 1L $1.50 (Normally $3)
Vitasoy Soy Milky Lite 1L $1.22 (Normally $2.45)
Vitasoy Soy Milky Regular 1L $1.22 (Normally $2.45)
Vitasoy Protein Plus Unsweetened Soymilk 1L $1.50 (Normally $3)
Vitasoy Almond Milk Unsweetened 1L $1.50 (Normally $3)
Vitasoy Rice Milk 1L $1.50 (Normally $3)
Vitasoy Unsweetened Coconut Milk 1L $1.50 (Normally $3)
Vitasoy Oat Milk 1L $1.45 (Normally $2.90)

and fresh soy milk is also on sale:
Vitasoy So Milky Soy Milk 1L $2 (Normally $2.45)
Vitasoy So Milky Lite Soy Milk 1L $2 (Normally $2.45)

I personally like the unsweetened almond milk, even though it is only 3.8% almonds. Subtle taste, good for coffee, doesn't curdle.
Great for everyday use or stock up for prepping!

A limit of 36 litres per item per order applies.

Your questions:

Q. Doesn't almond milk use a lot of water to make?

A. Apparently it takes some 2,000 gallons of water to produce one gallon of cow milk, roughly twice as much as that required to produce a gallon of Almond Milk. So it's not ideal, but it's definitely better.

Q. What is the best alternative milk for coffee frothing?

A. That would be Minor Figures Oat M*lk which is $7 per litre. You can also find Vitasoy for baristas, but not at Woolworths.

Q. Why isn't the almond milk 100% almonds?

A. That wouldn't make any sense. All milks are emulsion in water.

Q. Are they allowed to call this stuff milk when it's not from a cow?

A. See above.

Q. Which one of these is the best?

A. This is a great opportunity for you to try them all and decide for yourself. Most people find the taste of soy milk is too strong, rice milk is pretty watery and oat and coconut milks can be really sweet. But nobody can tell you which one tastes best for you.

Q. Which one tastes most like cow's milk?

A. Probably start with the Soy Milky, then try some of the others.

Q. Doesn't soy milk have estrogen in it? Won't that mess with my hormones?

A. Soy milk contains phytoestrogen, is a plant-based estrogen that you already eat in other foods. Scientific studies have not found any effect on the human body, including sexuality in men or menopausal symptoms in women. You are much more likely to be hormonally effected by mammal estrogen which is present in cow's milk.

Q. But humans are meant to drink milk. It's good for us.

A. Humans have only been drinking cow's milk for 100 years, since pasteurisation and refrigeration made it safe to drink outside of a farm. Two-thirds of people on the planet are lactose intolerant. That may not include you if you're white, but don't you think drinking the breast milk of another animal is a little weird?

Q. But you're wrong and only weirdos drink milk alternatives.

A. Nobody's forcing you to buy. Move along.

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    I've placed an order :)

  • +2 votes

    Thanks for the Q&A, that's really helpful!
    Which one is best for cereal? Soy Milky? Also what would you suggest for protein shakes?

    • +2 votes

      I have Soy milky for cereal, almond milk for protein shakes, bonsoy for coffee. Note that unless you buy protein powder which is specifically vegan it’s usually dairy based anyway.

    • +1 vote

      I'm not lactose-intolerant or anything so I just use WPC or WPI and drink soy milk for the flavour (occasionally I use skim milk as well), but I use Soy Milk either Original or Calci-Plus because I like the flavour. I don't really like the Protein Plus version.

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    Love the protein plus. It tastes sweet but has no sugar! And it tastes milky. Best soy milk ever IMO. Thanks OP!


    Pity they don't stock Almond Milky (at least my local Woolies' don't - Coles does). Has the most neutral flavour of all the supermarket almond milks, much as Soy Milky does out of all the soy milks.

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    +1 for the deal and +1 for the Q&A. Thanks OP

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    +1 for Vitasoy Protein Plus, great in coffee! My personal ranking for soy milk in coffee / soy milk in general is:
    1.) Bonsoy
    2.) Vitasoy Café for Baristas
    3.) Vitasoy Protein Plus
    Thankyou for posting this zzymurgy, time to stock up!


    I haven't seen Soy Milky this cheap ever. Buying up big!
    For those who haven't tried before, Soy Milky is the one that tastes the least like beans as such. It also uses whole Australian beans. Froths up well for coffees too (just pick a low acidic bean so it doesn't curdle).


    is the protein plus temporarily unavailable for anyone else?

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    A. Apparently it takes some 2,000 gallons of water to produce one gallon of cow milk, roughly twice as much as that required to produce a gallon of Almond Milk.(greenoptimistic.com) So it's not ideal, but it's definitely better

    BS meter went off on this one, checked the Green Optimistic link, source was apparently a similarly suspicious sounding "Natural News" with no reference.
    A Google search gives the range from about 4 gallons (what the cow actually drinks) to about a 1000 gallons (when you factor in every possible quasi related aspect to try and inflate the figure as much as possible)

    • +3 votes

      Dr Mercola is a known quack and has his opinions and ‘alternative medicine’ approaches are regularly challenged and debunked by science.

      Sure, Soy probably has its flaws when consumed in bulk but probably less so than Cows milk. Plus it’s far better for the animals and our environment if consumed over dairy milk.