So if We Own More than 5 Prepaid Services, What Is Going to Happen?

As per the subject, we know when activating prepaid mobile services, they will ask you whether you have more than 5 prepaid services … technically a user can just lie right? let say if a user doesn't lie, is it illegal to own more than 5 prepaid services? what's the legal implication if one has more than 5 prepaid services?

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    Men in black coats come and take 1 service away, each time you go above 5 prepaid services.

    • I knew it!

    • so you don't know? i was waiting for your reply

      • 2 seconds on google takes you to

        which says

        If you pay by credit or debit card and have fewer than 5 mobile prepaid services activated, you will not be asked for additional evidence of identity documents. If you have 5 or more services activated you will be required to show additional evidence of identity documents.

        Hence why they are asking if you have more than 5, if you say yes, you may have to provide extra documents.

        • But why do they ask extra documents if one have more than 5, Jim? btw i'm upvoting all your replies to me because I like you.

        • Interesting the way that is written is that it only applies for verification at time of PURCHASE and the additional document is just your license the same as if it was your first prepaid product and you were paying by cash. If you paid by cash and have more than 5 you might have to provide two forms of ID. I think confusion arises because retailers often ask for your license if you have less than 5 prepaid even if you have already met the requirement by paying by credit/debit card! (In which case they are overstepping the mark)

          Either way when you have more than 5 nothing happens and nothing to be gained by lying.

  • Just went to a random website and found this:

    Apparently it looks like if you need more then 5 you need extra identification

    • but technically one can just lie and always be on 1 prepaid service the whole time. and this is what strikes me odd .. it says that what it will do .. which ask ID .. but it never says why the need to ask ID? what's the reason? justification.

      • From the FAQ

        Why is it necessary to capture the customer's ID

        By law certain details must be sighted and recorded on a prepaid mobile services form when a customer purchases a prepaid mobile service. The provisions of this law can be located on the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) website.

        (Short Answer: Cuz it's the law.)

  • You're sent to a federal pound me in the ass prison.

  • Once you purchase your sixth prepaid service, you've crossed the threshold of prepaid-individual.

    In most instances, one service will deactivate to bring the number back to five but occasionally, the individual undergoes mitosis and the ratio of prepaid services to individuals become 3:1.

    Either way, 6:1 is an unstable state and nature finds a way to correct it.

  • Asking for a friend… :D

  • Techically, one can lie, yes.

  • Nothing will likely happen unless:

    1. one of your SIM cards is involved in a criminal matter; or
    2. your service provider has a reason to disable your service, which will disable all your services (SIM cards).

    If your SIM card turns up somewhere it shouldn't or is used by someone known to police/ASIO etc. then you can probably expect a visit at 2am.

    If your SIM card is included in a serious complaint to your service provider, or the ACMA does an audit and finds a breach of the code, then you can expect all services to be disabled. Not just an individual SIM card.

  • As a professional SIM slut I can safely tell you nothing will happen, no men dressed in black will turn up at your door step, not even the police, no one.
    I've got dozens of active numbers…

  • Does this include the ones you bought overseas? I walked into a Vodafone store in Amsterdam, handed over 15 euro cash and got 3 prepaid cards, no questions asked, no id required. Even if they had a limit of 5 there's lots of Vodafone stores and the cards roamed internationally no problems at all.

  • There is no problem if they are ALL being used for legal purposes.