1 Month Euro Trip (Mid Apr-May) What to Take/Pack

We are planning a trip overseas to italy, Barcelona, hallstat, Amsterdam, paris and Bern. Need to know what should we take their with us and how much?

This is our first euro trip ever.


  • omg go to at least one scandanavian country

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    minimal stuff,

    2 pairs pants
    5 pairs undies
    5 pairs socks
    1 pair of shorts
    3 tshirts
    2 shirts
    1 pair sneakers

    collapsible umbrella or raincoat.

    length of thin rope (for clothes line for when you wash stuff, and hang it out in your room).

    phone (with great camera) and AC usb charger.

    passport + ticket.

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      plus what you wear on the plane.

      I'd take a small 40litre backpack.

      I did europe in the late 90s with an 80 litre back pack which was fine. then traveled with an Irish girl who had had her back stolen at the start of her trip leaving her with only 2 day packs (which included a sleeping bag). watching her with minimal stuff made me realize "you don't need to pack everything" and I soon noted that I barely used most of the crap I was lugging around.

      now when i travel with my 3 kids we have a single suitcase between the 4 of us.

      I always pack with the concept of "if I have to run away from danger (and leave my suitcase) then what won't I miss?" - works well.

  • A good thing I take on my European holidays is a digital bag weight because the cheap airlines love to smash you for excess weight. Not all airlines will average the total allowance between two people. I always take more than one pair of shoes as a backup, it only takes 1 puddle.


    How are you getting to Hallstatt?

    • No idea as of yet. 😆 curious why are you asking?

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        1. Nice place
        2. Slightly far from your other destinations yet there are lots of nice places nearby, like Salzburg. Could be some nice mountain driving.

        For one month, you have a lot of diverse destinations…maybe more than a week of travelling time. Given flights to europe these days are so cheap, I think you should break your travels into more than one trip. If it was me, I'd put Bern and Hallstatt into another trip including Germany. Italy and Barcelona have so much already.

  • That doesnt seem like enough time for all that….you almost need 2 weeks in Italy alone

  • Depends on time of the year. I just got back from Europe/Scandinavia (always travel during Winter) and if you're going similar time a decent pair of shoes and a decent jacket are a must.

  • charger and a power board

  • Wikipedia has climate info for most cities.

    For example, Barcelona in April has:

    • an average high of 19.1
    • a daily mean of 15.8
    • an average low of 12.5
    • 7.9 days rain.

    I always find this helpful when I’m packing. Go to the wiki page for all your cities to get an idea of the climate you’ll be dealing with.

  • Start with your backpack or suitcase, whichever you decide on. I did it for 3 months with backpack and didn't regret it for a second. Suitcases are too difficult to drag around in crowded train stations, up stairs, etc.

    When you figure out what pack your taking you know how much room you have.

    Then look at local airlines you might be flying and check baggage allowance. I think I kept my pack under 15kg and didn't have any issues with excess baggage.

    Know you know how much space and weight you have to play with and work on combinations that work for you. Just make sure you have something to keep you dry, something to keep you warm, something to keep you clean, some good shoes and you'll be fine.

    Europe is well set up for for travelling so you won't have a problem washing clothes, finding a computer with internet (so you don't have to have your phone plugged in all the time).

  • He's a bit of a strange guy, but have a look at Rick Steeves packing list

    We are off to Europe in March/April with 2 kids (but finish up in Thailand on the route back).. our list includes:

    Backpack with wheels - (Black Wolf Grand Tour - heavyish bag but has wheels and comfortable to carry, plus opens up nicely). Using digital scales the weight with 95% of the gear below is at 12.6kg.

    2 X quick dry pants
    2 X light weight jeans (because I like jeans)
    9X underwear/socks
    1 X skechers
    1 X light weight dressy shoes that I could still walk a few kms in
    1 X 'fancy thongs' for Thailand
    1 X dressy outfit that's light weight (As I'm a lady I have a few light different cardy/scarf options so if I wear it every day for a few days it will look a little different)
    2 X light scarves
    1 X light weight cardy
    2 X dark cardigans
    6 t-shirts/quickish dry tops
    1 X black soft shell jacket
    1 X small packing rain jacket
    1 X mac pac puffer jacket
    1 x thermal top/pants
    1 X swimwear

    1 X sea to summit premium traveller inflatable neck pillow (we are taking lots of night flights, so some form of travel pillow is definitely necessary)
    1 X turkish towel (can double as a blanket)
    1 X small pocket umbrella
    1 X travel clothesline
    1 X travel power point/powerboard charger thingo
    1 X toiletries bag
    1 X mini makeup bag
    couple of zip lock bags
    5 X cheapo ebay packing cells for each family member - sort into groups of clothes for easier sorting
    mesh laundry bag
    foot hammock for on plane from ebay
    ear plugs
    sleeping mask
    mini flashlight
    travel money pouch
    pocket knife with bottle opener/corkscrew (always handy if you duck into a market and have a ploughmans style dinner)
    camping cutlery set (as above)
    retractable metal cable combination lock

    noise cancelling headphones
    headphone splitter
    ipads for the kids having downloaded the Qantas/Stan/Audible deal and pre loaded them
    mini speaker (TBC)
    waterproof camera
    1 X solar travel calculator (small in wallet size)

    Other stuff:
    Documents on google drive
    Get good travel insurance and have details available
    Register with Australian Government Smart Traveller
    Google Trips App
    Pre-booked activities through Klook
    Rick Steeves app with audio walking tours (free download app)
    Europe phone SIM (we got ours from EuroSims)
    Read TripAdvisor

    Worst case, you've forgotten something or decide you need something when you are away - you can always buy it there as they do have shops :)

  • I got similiar questions.

    With backpacks. Do you guys usually bring them to cabin or check them in?

    I am thinking to pack light with cabin luggage (up to 8 kg) and the rest on small backpack for each person.

    Is it doable?

    But I am not sure about toothpaste, shaver, make-up for partner, portable battery as they are not allowed in cabin bags. Anyone has suggestion? Thanks.

    • we check in backpacks, makeup in carry on with clear zip lock bags (and liquids under 100ml). Toothpaste, razors in main bag.

      No advice re portable batteries, although often there are charging points in planes now

      • Thanks fior reply. About makeup. Do you split them in small containers? How many grams and how many 100ml bottles are allowed? How about hair gels / pastel? Thanks again

        • hmm as long as they are individually under 100mls I haven't been knocked back with carry on, but I would put normal hair products (if I had to take them) in my main bag (double bagged) and just take liquid lipstick, moisturiser, face wipes, deodorant, lipbalm and mini perfume carry on (in a sandwich size zip lock)..