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    Anyone ordered from here previously able to comment on the quality of these?
    Considering some top down bottom up and normal bottom up ones that would help blockout light and add additional insulation.


      Yeah we've done 6 windows with both the blockout and non-blockout blinds with these guys. Double cell 38mm or something, and for blockout the big (>40mm) single cell. The quality is really good. Can't fault it really.

      Only niggling things which my wife cares about were the folds compress at the bottom so it's not a completely even pattern even when it's all the way down. And the other thing was we had 2 glass French doors and 2 windows on either side done with these, and the gearing in the winder at the top was different for the doors to the windows. So for the windows, you'd have to wind and wind them up (slower), compared to the doors where it'd be faster to wind it up.

      Other than that they are awesome. Fitting was spot on and really easy to install.

      The blockout ones definitely block the light - we put these in our kids rooms (for daytime sleeps) and it's pitch black during the day (except light bleed around the edges). For those rooms, we went with the non-corded ones for child safety, these are really well done. It's geared with 2 internal (invisible) cords so you can push/pull it up/down from the sides of the bottom frame, not just pull down from the center. Hope you get what I mean.

      We made use of Xmas time 20% off as well, it's a decent discount.

      The main thing for me however was customer care. They actually rang me up just after ordering to confirm measurements and so on. They are about as courteous as they come. Then they rang me after delivery to ensure everything went alright, and to ask if I can send them some photos of the finished install. Made in China but they're all Aussie otherwise.


    I'd like to know how much insulation there is between single cell honeycomb, double cell hooneycomb and roller blinds. But I can't find any studies on it.

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      Some R values here: https://cellularwindowshades.com/content/33-rvalue-and-insul... Divide by 5.17 (from memory) as it's a US site.

      Double brick is approx. R0.5 in Australian/international units.

      From what I've seen when looking into previously, if your trying to keep heat out, shading the windows will be better (e.g. Plants, roller shutters). Keeping heat in, double cell or wooden shutters work well. Assuming that roof and wall insulation is already sufficient and the house is well sealed before spending money on window finishes…

      There's a government website that was actually helpful/well written covering passive design if you are interested: http://www.yourhome.gov.au/passive-design