Cleaning up/Changing Pinned Topics in Automotive Forum

Was just throwing the idea about the other day while looking over the Automotive sub-forum, of cleaning up, merging, adding to the pinned posts.

I have noticed that some of the pinned posts re: fuel, are long past their used by date. Some have not been posted to since 2017 (Qld & SA), others have laid idle for months (WA & ACT). It seems that a majority of the posting with regards to fuel deals appears to go on in the 7/11 fuel app thread. Maybe merge some of the states together that don’t get used or merge them by east/west. (WA/SA/NT), (NSW/ACT/QLD) and (VIC/TAS) for example.

Trade off to merging the “fuel watch” posts is that they are replaced with the 7/11 fuel app thread that is bonkers and where most people post their fuel pricing finds anyway.

And lastly, I was throwing together an idea for a kind of wiki page for Automotive related stuff. Links to popular information on things like “how to buy a car”, road rules, what do in an accident, insurance, car rental information, just as throw out off the top of my head ideas. Put up a post in the forum and see what kind of information people would like to have at their fingertips.

And I liked the pinned survey on what car blah blah 2018… but maybe a more regular question relating to current events for that month perhaps, rather than a year long post people get bored with after they had answered it.

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    Yeah, a change would clean it up a bit
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    No, leave Brittney alone!
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    Meh. Not phased either way
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    2007 Toyota Camry