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I would like to know if anyone here experience the same issue like I did, as I am pretty sure if this happen this will not be an isolated incident. Long story short, I have asked for pool cleaning services to my place to clean up my pool. I was told that the water level is too long for the pool pump to function, thus he cannot carry out his job. After that when I check on the pump, I found on that the pipe connecting to the pipe is so warped that only low volume of water can go through. I called out to the person who came to do the cleaning, he said I need to get the pump change out as there is no replacement part for the union connector to the pump. As usual I got a few others to quote for the pump replacement. All of them told me for the pipe to be so warp, it is not normal. One of them suggested that there might be someone actually use the Heat Gun warp the pipe to the way it is. The only person ever get near to the pump location while I am away is the pool cleaning service company, who suggested to change out the whole pump. It is unimaginable if he is the person who actually purposely cause the damage so I will engage him to change out the pump. What's your thought?


  • Put aside your tin-foil hat. A pool cleaner guy who makes a few hundred dollars to clean your pool is not going to risk criminal charges and thousands in damages just to make an extra few hundred. Especially since they're in a business where a lot of clients are rich and will have home security systems set up. Plus - if he did this, he would've 'checked' your pump instead of relying on you to maybe/maybe not check the pump/pipes yourself.

    One of them suggested that there might be someone actually use the Heat Gun warp the pipe to the way it is.

    Did they say it was deliberate? It could well have been a previous owner trying a DIY electrical fix and using a heat gun on heat-shrink electrical wrap or something like that - and that's even if a heat gun was involved at all. You're in Australia, we have hot weather here if you hadn't noticed.

    • I am definitely aware of the hot weather, but the very specific path of the warped pipe just got me curious, as they all expose to the same amount sunlight, but only a very small focus part of the pipe got warped, plus my pump power connection to the outlet got disconnected by the pool guy, which he could just switch it on or off instead of unplugging it for other purpose?

      • If I'm working around electronics, especially ones with moving parts, you bet I'm going to unplug them too instead of just turning them off.

        • That make complete sense except he is not an electrician plus he should not be doing anything with the pump?

          • @melpen: Don't need to be an electrician to know "unplug stuff you're working around before working around them", which he had to have been doing to know that:

            I was told that the water level is too long for the pool pump to function

            • @HighAndDry: what can I say, you sounded like you are there :) Do you literately mean if you need to turn off your TV, you unplug it completely instead of switch it off at the power outlet level? Anyhow thanks for your feedback.

  • I am here, to clean zee pool…

  • Is your pump running dry? sounds like it might be, given that your pool water level is low, and you mentioned that the flow is restricted due to a warped pipe. Pumps can get pretty hot if they're running dry, especially if it's on an automatic timer running for 3-4 hours with no water. That, combined with being exposure to the elements, would probably be enough to warp PVC.

    There are some cowboys out there, but it sure seems easier to make $70-$100 for a 20 min job, then busting your guts in the heat changing out an entire pump. Maybe you should look on Airtasker for someone to do your pump replacement?

  • if you let the water go below the skimmer box the water stops moving, depending on if you pump has a thermal cut off it can just keep moving spinning in the same stagnant water. this can get hot enough to warp the pvc. Want to avoid it. Make sure your water doesn't drop below the skimmer box. Either way pools aren't maintenance free. I suggest you pay someone to teach you the very basics or get someone regularly. Running a pump dry can destroy it. I assume it is not great for the chlorinator as well

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I did pay for someone from the pool company to come over to teach me how to operate those stuffs and I am engaging that guy to come in once a month for the regular maintenance. I was told by the experience electrician who dropped by to take a look and told me could be a cowboy act. Which I myself would never be suspicious at the first place. Nevertheless thanks all for the feedback. I guess I will rest the case and get the pump replaced with someone else.

  • Basic things include checking the skimmer box and the one of the pump and checking the water level regularly….